Since the start of the various community lockdowns across the world, essential establishments like grocery stores and restaurants are leveling up their operation schemes to cater to a safe and contactless interaction between their customers and staff. 

And through leveling up their operation schemes, it means with the use of a scan-and-view technology like QR codes. 

With the availability of a QR code generator online, restaurateurs can transform their physical menu and customer survey forms into the digitalized menu and customer survey QR codes. 

What is a menu QR code?

A menu QR (Quick Response) code is a machine-readable two-dimensional barcode that houses a restaurant's digitalized menu that serves the purpose of providing a faster and safer way for customers to order their food by scanning the code through their barcode-readable smartphones. 

The types of digital menus that can be usually embedded into the QR code are PDF, images, H5 pages, and word documents. 

5 interesting ways on how restaurateurs can creatively display their menu QR code into their restaurants

With almost all of the restaurants and bars in the US and other parts of the world leveraging their operation schemes with menu QR codes, various techniques on how to promote the use of them is can be a hard pursuit for no-techy restaurant owners. 

Because of that, this article will point 5 interesting ways on how creatively place their menu QR code in their restaurants. 

Table Accessories

Restaurateurs can creatively place their menu QR code as part of the dining arrangement they set up for their customers to look at while ordering food. They can place the QR code into their table signs, their placemats, and even with their tablecloth itself. 

Granting that most restaurants use checkered table clothes for their service tables, placing the QR codes as part of the patterning process is a great fusion of technology and art. 


If your restaurant happens to reach the full dining capacity acceptance and still have diners wait outside to dine in with you, placing your menu QR code at the restaurant window is the perfect means for customers in waiting to order ahead and dine into the establishment with their food ready. 

In this way, the service times your restaurant caters to customers lessen and keep the operating profit rate you have before the pandemic. 

Bulletin boards

Restaurants can place their menu QR code on their bulletin boards as part of their new business operations announcements. In this way, your diners can easily see your announcements and know how your new business operations work by trying the menu QR code ordering system firsthand. 

Open and Closed Signs

Restaurateurs can attach their menu QR codes to their open and close signs. As many diners first take a look at the open and close signs before getting into the restaurant, placing it there is the perfect way for customers to first know that they are applying the use of menu QR codes into their business. 

Reception Counters

For reservation dine-ins, restaurants can deploy their menu QR codes in their reception counters where customers check out their reservation. In this way, the diners can easily scan the code on the counter and order ahead of their dining reserved time. 


As advanced restaurant dining is during the COVID-19 outbreak with the use of QR codes, restaurants still need to make their integration of menu QR codes into the restaurant ambiance as a whole. 

But since the deployment of a QR code generator with logo online, restaurateurs can now creatively integrate these QR codes into their restaurant ambient in an artsy way.