After being known as a smart lady who knows her way out of chess matches, "Queen's Gambit" star Anya Taylor-Joy will dive into another role as she was reported to be in the talks of starring in Searchlight's upcoming feature film, "The Menu." Apart from Taylor-Joy, Deadline reported that Ralph Fiennes closed a deal to also star in the said dark comedy film.

The film will be written by Will Tracy and Seth Reiss, while it will be produced by Hyperobject Industries by Adam McKay, according to a Vulture report. Meanwhile, DanTram Nguyen and the director of the production, Zahra Philipps, will supervise the studio.

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Anya Taylor-Joy of "Queen's Gambit" and Ralph Fiennes to Star in "The Menu"

Although Deadline reported that Taylor-Joy being in the film is still in talks, The Wrap pointed out that Searchlight confirmed the "Queen's Gambit" star will appear on the said movie. Anya Taylor-Joy will play the role of a woman who goes on an adventure with her boyfriend to an exclusive restaurant on a remote island.

Apart from being a part of "The Menu," good news just keeps on coming for Taylor-Joy, as the American born, Argentine-British actress and model was expected to be an Emmy contender, after playing the role of Beth Harmon in the hit Netflix series, "Queen's Gambit." Taylor-Joy's role for the Netflix limited series also became the behemoth streamer's biggest hit in 2020. Anna Taylor-Joy had her break-out role when she starred in Robert Eggers' "The Witch."

Taylor-Joy will be joined by Ralph Fiennes, who made the role of Voldemort in the "Harry Potter" franchise famous. The Wrap noted that Ralph Fiennes will play the role of the chef in "The Menu."

Fiennes made himself busy as he starred in the Netflix drama "The Dig." The two-time Oscar nominee, Fiennes returned to the screens as "M" in the James bond film "No Time to Die."

Both Taylor-Joy and Ralph Fiennes were represented by CAA, although the "The Witch" star was also represented by United Agents and Felker Toczek Suddleson, Deadline reported.

Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Fiennes on "The Menu"

The film "The Menu" where Taylor-Joy would play the role of the tourist and Fiennes as the chef, will be directed by Mark Mylod, who played a part in the success of HBO's "Succession."

The story of the dark comedy film will revolve around the darkly comedic psychological thriller set in the world of eccentric culinary culture. The story will start when a young couple visited a remote island where an acclaimed chef prepared a sumptuous feast for them.

Although Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy had their roles confirmed, details regarding who will play the role of Taylor-Joy's partner in visiting the remote island of "The Menu" were not yet confirmed. Apart from the other casts of the film, details regarding the start of its production as well as its release were also not available.

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