In urban places, mostly cities, pest control has been a priority because of the diseases that pests harm to people, which are mostly the result of poor sanitation and hygiene. That is why more and more are finding ways to eradicate these pests like rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and the like.

But eradicating them may be far from reality because not all people are willing to maintain cleanliness due to so many factors. Time and money are two of these factors. People are too busy with so much stuff, and maintaining pest control services doesn't come cheap.

Good thing some people continuously invent and innovate alternative solutions in addition to traditional ones like traps and pest sprays. Electronic devices like pest repellents, similar to Everpest ultrasonic repellers, as an alternative, do not promise to eradicate the population of pests but an alternative or additional option to drive away pests from your area and maintain a less pest-free environment. 

However, people are also concerned about the safety and effectiveness of the product they buy. We've summed up the things you need to know, and later, you can use this as a guide in buying.

Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Explained

The principle of ultrasonic pest repellent devices is simple: utilize high ultrasonic or high-pressured sound waves to give pests discomfort and drive them away. You may ask, how can these ultrasonic sounds make pests leave your place?

The sense of hearing of people and animals varies. Animals can hear beyond the maximum level of what humans can hear. A middle-aged person with normal hearing can hear up to 20,000 Hz of sound frequency. But animals can respond to as high as 100,000 Hz, but not all animals can tolerate this frequency. It depends on the animals.

Rats can respond to as high as 70,000 Hz, while insects can respond up to 44,000. This is where ultrasonic pest repellent devices come in. These electronic devices emit a high level of frequency targeting pest central nerves and eventually give pests discomfort and lead them away from your place.

How Safe are Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

Now that you have learned the principles and science behind ultrasonic pest repellers, which have never been a secret, the next concern for most of us, are they safe? We've gathered information on how safe ultrasonic pest repellent devices are.

Safe for the Environment

These devices only emit sound waves that are high frequency, so it does not contribute to any pollution, even noise pollution, because the high-pressure sounds are too quiet for human ears.

Do Not Cause Any Harm to Health and Safety

Because the human ear is not capable of detecting the sound waves that ultrasonic pest repellers emitted, it was proven that there are no significant adverse reactions and effects to humans. This was the conclusion of the study made by a group of scientists at the Acoustical Society of America.

No Toxic Chemicals Are Involved

Ultrasonic pest repellers only require one thing, electricity or power. With this, you do not have to deal with toxic chemicals which require extra safety and precautions and are mostly done by experts offered by costly pest control services.

Safe For Pets, Not for Pests

Most of us treat our pets like dogs and cats as part of the family. We give them extra care and importance. While you may ask if your pets can be harmed by high-frequency sounds. They are not. The good news is that our pets are not affected by the sound that ultrasonic pest repellers emit, nor give them any discomfort.

Safe to Install

These devices are very convenient to use and do not require any special technical instruction. Just plug it into the wall socket, and you're good to go. No more traps and dead pests.

How Effective are Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

Many people would expect that any product they are buying is not just safe but also effective. Ultrasonic pest repellent devices may be affordable, but the one with a higher price is expected to be more effective.

The effectiveness was proven through the noticeable effect on the activity of most pests that react negatively to the high pressure of sounds which make them feel agitated or super stressed, which can also distract their mating activities. The moment their nerves are unable to tolerate the sounds, it will drive them away from the area or decrease their population.

However, the effectiveness will depend on the specifications of the repellers you are buying, like the frequency of sound it can emit, the range it can cover, the position of the device, and if they were made by credible manufacturers. So, it is important to make an assessment of your surroundings and research compatible pest repellers and their manufacturer.


The efficacy of every product will always depend on us, buyers, and users. It is recommended to research ultrasonic pests' repellent devices and read carefully any relevant reviews from previous buyers. It is also to buy only from a credible manufacturer. Lastly, be consistent and still make a habit of observing cleanliness. Because no matter how much we spend on pest repellent products, if we do not do our part and we are inconsistent and continuously ignoring the importance of cleanliness, we cannot achieve our goal of a pest-free environment.