Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez stunned the crowd as she posed with police officers during her new music video filming.

According to a Daily Mail report, the 51-year-old Latina superstar took a snap with three lucky police officers on Wednesday, June 9, in Miami Beach.

In the picture, Jennifer Lopez seemed to enjoy the company of the police officers as she posed for a photo while working on the set of an upcoming music video.

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Jennifer Lopez Poses With The Police Officers

Emitting her charisma and youthful glow, Jennifer Lopez wowed the people while wearing a silver-bedazzled bra with a white button-up shirt and short shorts revealing the waistband of her Dolce & Gabbana undergarment. 

The Latina pop diva Americanized her look by wearing a red cap with a famous soft drink brand logo and multicolored Nike shoes.

The police officers were delighted for the photo op as the Miami Beach Police Department posted the photo of their officers with Jennifer Lopez on their Instagram account.

"From her block to ours, JLo feels at home on Española with MBPD," captioned the police department.

But the energy of the Latina pop diva seemed to be high during her music video shoot in the area. People reported that Jennifer Lopez stopped at the hotel lobby she is staying to take another picture with two fans before heading back to her room.

Jennifer Lopez Films New Music Video: New Music on The Way

The photo-op of the fans with the Latina superstar happened during the filming of her new music video. A source told People that the shoot took more than nine hours long. Jennifer Lopez was also spotted on Tuesday night, June 8, filming with reggaetón star Rauw Alejandro.

Before the photo op with her fans, Jennifer Lopez teased her 158 million Instagram followers with a photo of her riding in a bright red car as she strikes her charismatic pose on the camera.

"There's only one. Good things coming," Lopez captioned in her Instagram update. The Latina pop diva also included #CambiaElPaso in her caption, a song by singer Andy Harlow in 1972. 

However, it was not clear if Jennifer Lopez would make a revival version of the song or an original piece from the Latina superstar.

Jennifer Lopez would never fail her fans when she releases songs. One of her famous songs, "On the Floor," with rapper Pitbull, released in 2011, gathered 1.7 billion views on YouTube.

Meanwhile, her first full-length album entitled "On The 6," released in 1999, was received positively by her fans and critics.

The news of Lopez's new music comes as the Latina songstress recently signed a deal with Netflix and is expected to release a lineup of films and television content with the streaming giant.

Apart from Jennifer Lopez's new music in the works, the Latina superstar was set to contribute several songs to the official soundtrack of her upcoming film, "Marry Me."

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WATCH: Jennifer Lopez Takes Time To Take Photo With Police While Filming Latest Music Video In Miami Beach - From CBS Miami