Almost every fashion-conscious person would have at some point in time thought of acquiring a custom luxury piece. The thought is usually subdued by the many fears, worries, and uncertainties as they do not know where to begin. Cost is usually the first thing that will cross their mind when they hear about custom jewelry. A lot of people shy away from custom jewelry believing that they are expensive and beyond their reach. This is actually not true. With the right knowledge about the product that one is expecting for a custom fit, the cost can be significantly reduced.

NYC Luxury is among the world's best custom jewelry stores taking the custom luxury industry by storm. Led by two brilliant people, Izzy and Gavriel, NYC Luxury has grown to become the one-stop destination for all custom jewelry needs. They have crafted their services to be customer-centric as they believe that customers are always the king. The NYC Luxury store has a cool and laid-back atmosphere where clients are treated with the utmost respect. Eden mentions that the best thing about working at NYC Luxury is its environment with a different customer service approach. Everyone from the employees to the clients feels energized by the upbeat atmosphere and they love the experience that comes with owning a piece from NYC Luxury. They are the best custom store that incorporates fashion, creativity, and quality in all their details, giving their clients an unrivaled fashion and customer experience.

Being a store that has undoubtedly had a lot of success in the industry for a while now, they are the right people to show you how to get started in custom jewelry.

What you need to understand first is the difference between custom and customized jewelry. There is in fact a difference between the two. A custom Jewelry implies that the piece has been created from the start to be in line with your expectations and desires. Customized jewelry is a piece that is enhanced or modified according to your tastes. The next time you walk into a custom jewelry store, be sure of what you want, as the price differs a lot between custom jewelry and customized jewelry.

Not to worry if you know nothing about custom jewelry. There are many magazines, catalogs, websites, blogs, and social media pages that focus on custom designs. Go through as many as possible and understand the different available options and designs. Even better yet at the experts at NYC Luxury. The pride themselves on telling clients what they need know instead of just what they want to hear.

NYC Luxury advises its clients to always check for three things - Quality, creativity in design, and glamorous look. Visit the official website of NYC Luxury to get more ideas on the different designs possible for custom jewelry.