The hearing on the death of football superstar Diego Maradona on Monday, June 14, started with questioning one of the nurses from Maradona's medical team by an Argentine prosecutor.

Identified as Ricardo Almiron, the 37-year-old nurse was one of those accused of contributing to the death of football legend Diego Maradona.

Al Jazeera reported that Almiron, Maradona's nighttime caregiver, was questioned at the San Isidro public prosecutor's office located in Buenos Aires with his lawyer Franco Chiarelli.

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Prosecutor Questions the Football Superstar's Nighttime Caregiver

Although the details of Almiron's questioning in the court were not made public, the nurse was reportedly suspected of lying when he claimed that Diego Maradona was sleeping and breathing normally hours before the football star departed.

The investigation was opened after two of Maradona's five children filed a complaint against neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque, who was blamed for the football superstar's deteriorating health after an operation, AFP reported.

Almiron's lawyer Franco Chiarelli, who spoke on behalf of the nurse, noted that Almiron treated Maradona "as a patient with a complex psychiatric condition" at all times. However, the lawyer emphasized that the nurse was not informed about the football superstar having an issue related to heart disease.

"My client had the wisdom to carry out his tasks without the patient feeling encroached upon, which was something he had to deal with the entire time he was there," said Chiarelli. The nurse's lawyer also pointed out that his superiors instructed Almiron not to disturb the football superstar.

Apart from Almiron, six more people from the medical team will be questioned over the death of Diego Maradona. These people include Maradona's psychiatrist, Agustina Cosachov, psychologist Carlos Diaz, Dahiana Madrid, nursing coordinator Mariano Perroni, and medical coordinator Nancy Forlini. They will appear in the court one by one, accompanied by their lawyers.

Meanwhile, the hearing is expected to end with the questioning of Maradona's neurosurgeon on June 28. All seven would face eight to 25 years imprisonment if found guilty. Furthermore, the accused are not allowed to leave Argentina.

Football Star Diego Maradona's Death Probe

The questioning of the medical team, including Almiron, stemmed out when a medical board concluded that the death of the football star occurred when his medical team acted "inappropriate, deficient, and reckless."

Despite the accusation, Luque has repeatedly defended his actions, arguing that he did his best and offered everything he could do to the football superstar. Luque also sought the dismissal of the case and said that Maradona was depressed in his last moments.

Diego Maradona had alcohol and drug addictions for many years. The football star died on November 25 due to heart failure after undergoing brain surgery done by Luque.

The death of Diego Maradona devastated the South American nation. People in his native Argentina loved him for leading the national team to its second World Cup triumph in 1986.

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