A 49-year-old man has been accused of murdering his 80-year-old mother in her home. The suspect's lawyer entered a not guilty on behalf of his client in an arraignment on Monday, June 14, for the death of an elderly woman named Katherine Paratore, according to a Law and Crime report.

Katherine Paratore was found dead in her home in the city of Lynn in Massachusetts on Friday, June 11, at around 8 p.m. after suffering multiple injuries.

The scene was said to be gruesome and that Katherine Paratore's body had likely been inside the home for several days. Her son, Alfredo Paratore, ended up being arrested.

According to court documents, Alfredo Paratore called the cops to report finding his mother on the floor, believing that she was dead. 

Police said that the suspect had appeared nervous and could not immediately remember the last time he had talked with his mother or the last person who had seen her, NBC Boston reported. Alfredo said he had come home and found his mother where she was.

Police said the elderly woman's body was found inside the doorway against the wall and seemed to have been there for some time.

Authorities added that the 80-year-old mom had no shirt on and police said they observed what appeared to be internal organs on the welcome mat just inside the home.

Police said that Alfredo appeared to be on drugs while they were questioning him at the crime scene. He was given multiple doses of Narcan and eventually taken to Salem hospital, CBS Local reported.

Upon investigation, police found that the body of the 80-year-old mom had lacerations near the right collarbone and on the right hand. 

The body was also covered in bruises in both arms, the neck, and the head. A set of dentures was also found on the floor next to her shoulder. 

Meanwhile, officers had seen scratches on Alfredo's cheek and ear, and he appeared to have dried blood on his left hand.

The court is now determining Alfredo Paratore's mental state. He will go to Bridgewater State Hospital for an evaluation.

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Crimes Against the Elders

Rates of elder abuse are particularly high in facilities such as nursing homes and long-term care facilities. According to a World Health Organization fact sheet, two in three staff reporting that they have committed abuse in the past year.

In addition, rates of elder abuse have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. This type of violence includes violations of human rights, with physical, sexual, psychological, and emotional abuse. It also includes financial and material abuse, abandonment, and serious loss of dignity and respect.

A 2017 study including 12 low- and middle-income countries estimated that 15.7 percent of people aged 60 years and older were subjected to some form of abuse over the past year.

A U.S. study also showed that elder abuse increased in the community by as much as 84 percent, with emerging evidence to support the claim.

In 2016, the WHO introduced a global strategy and action plan on aging and health, including guidance for coordinated action in countries on elder abuse that supports the Sustainable Development Goals.

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