Nina Simone's family blasted vice President Kamala Harris over their non-access to the estate owned by the "Feeling Good" singer. Simone's daughter and grandchildren took to different social media platforms in addressing the issue that happened in 2013 when Harris was still an attorney general for the state of California.

Simone's family retaliated against Harris on Friday, with RéAnna Simone Kelly, Lisa Kelley's daughter and the granddaughter of the singer, started voicing out her thoughts over the family's issue with the vice president, TMZ reported.

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Nina Simone's Family on VP Kamala Harris and Estate Issue

RéAnna Simone Kelly blasted Kamala Harris on social media after the 22-year-old quoted a tweet from a user asking why the singer's estate would make an account for the singer in 2006, who died in 2003. Because of this, Simone's granddaughter confirmed that they have no control over the singer's estate.

"My family doesn't run the estate anymore. It was taken away from us and given to White people. Our family was dragged into the media. We get no royalties, nothing," said Simone's granddaughter, blaming Kamala Harris.

The "Feeling Good" singer's granddaughter also blamed the vice president for her mother's depression, claiming her mother almost killed herself. She also blasted on Harris for a Nina Simone song during the inauguration.

Meanwhile, Lisa Kelley took to Instagram and posted a video using the account of his son Alexander, saying that she supports everything her daughter said on Twitter.

"I support her 1000 percent, I support what she's saying," said Kelly in the video.

Simone's granddaughter was coming from 2013 when Harris oversaw a case against Nina Simone's daughter, Lisa Kelley, for allegedly "breaching her fiduciary duty" to the singer's estate, as the administrator after the "Feeling Good" singer's death, Yahoo! News reported.

Lisa Kelly was accused of misappropriating funds that were tied to both the estate and the charity set up in the singer's name. In the end, they reached a settlement where Simone's daughter was not allowed to associate herself with the singer and prohibited her from talking about her mother.

Despite the tweetstorm that Simone's granddaughter started, Vice President Kamala Harris' office has not yet commented or released any statement.

Nina Simone's Family on Chloe Baileys' Juneteenth Performance

The estate issue and the anguish of Simone's family surfaced as Chloe Bailey showed her rendition of "Feeling Good" during her Juneteenth performance on Friday.

Rap-Up reported that Bailey performed Simone's song in a sparkly catsuit while dancing in front of the audience with provocative choreography. Bailey was placed under fire after the performance, some of the users on Twitter expressed their disappointment in her performance.

However, Nina Simone's granddaughter defended the artist for her rendition.

"What Y'all don't understand is that grandma was a free-spirited woman herself!! She would've loved that performance as much as I do. Relax. Chloe killed it," said RéAnna Simone Kelly in Bailey's defense. Simone's granddaughter furthered that if her grandmother could perform, Nina Simone would also have the same performance.

Chloe Bailey expressed her gratitude towards Nina Simone's granddaughter for defending her after her Juneteenth performance. Bailey pointed out that the "Feeling Good" singer always inspired her.

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