The global pandemic presented numerous opportunities to business owners all over the world. A synopsis concluded that the majority of the growth registered in the e-commerce sector has been the immediate impact of the coronavirus outbreak. Apart from the consequences of staying at home, the situation also catered to potential business owners and entrepreneurs. Marcus Pereira believes that in order to succeed in a marketplace, one needs to identify the lingering circumstance and convert it into a business proposition.

Marcus Pereira is a teenage entrepreneur and a recognized marketeer in the dropshipping business. The path to success for this 17 years old businessman was not the conventional one. Usually, it takes years of experience and a great backup of financial resources to emerge as successful. But Marcus proved that a precocious mind and passion for business can lead one to immense prosperity in the industry.

During the initial phases of the pandemic, he stumbled upon a couple of youtube videos that highlighted the business opportunities present in the e-commerce sector. He was fascinated by the prospects and decided to try his hand on the popular idea- dropshipping. Dropshipping is a business module that is similar to that of a middlemen structure. The store owner attracts the consumers by raising demand for a particular product and subsequently purchases it from the retailer which is directly distributed to the consumer. The infrastructure created by each entrepreneur in the dropshipping business varies, giving a wide space for technological and structural enhancement.

With the right strategy, the operation becomes easy and fruitful. As an influential marketeer, Marcus indulges in several activities which assure astonishing growth potential. Comprehending the trends and seasonal demands, introducing a better sales pitch, and improving the transportation systems are some of the tasks involved in creating a successful dropshipping business.

Marcus's professional commitment and strategic mindset assisted him to accumulate $1,000,000 in revenue. While realizing his financial dream, he has also been able to create a brand name for himself. As he recalled his life as a normal teenager, he explains that in various stages of his business, he restricted his self from dwelling on decisions rather than implored himself to execute as soon as possible. His yearning for financial freedom gave him a nudge to perform better and achieve his professional goals. Marcus aspires to help youngsters and budding entrepreneurs to accomplish financial freedom through courses and training especially designed by him.