Socialite Jasmine Hartin has been arrested again while on bail for the accidental fatal shooting of a Belize cop. 

Jasmine Hartin is awaiting trial for shooting Superintendent Henry Jemmott with his service pistol. The 32-year-old socialite was taken into custody on Thursday afternoon, June 24, when she reported to a police station as part of her daily bail requirements, Daily Mail reported.

The grounds for her arrest were not immediately clear but it comes after Jasmine Hartin clashed with her ex-partner Andrew Ashcroft, who is the son of British billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft.

The two were seen arguing in video footage early this week as she tried to see their four-year-old twins, Elle and Charlie.

Hartin had filmed on her cellphone the incident, showing her cornering her partner in a hotel restaurant. She was heard asking Andrew Ashcroft why he would not let her see their kids.

The socialite told Daily Mail that she was warned by her attorney that authorities would seek to revoke her bail over the confrontation that happened.

As she arrived for her daily check-in appointment at the San Ignacio police station with her mom Candice Castiglione, Hartin was apprehended once again. She said she was being detained for something "she was not sure" of. 

Jasmine Hartin was caught in footage asking what she had done to breach her $30,000 Belizean dollar bail. An officer answered her and said that she is being detained for common assault.

Jasmine Hartin is likely to be taken back to Hattieville Prison, which was once featured in a Netflix documentary "Inside the World's Toughest Prisons."

The mother of two said she did nothing wrong as she only tried to collect her personal belongings and see her children. She noted that she has obeyed every single court order. She added that she would go to prison every day if it meant she could have her kids.

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Jasmine Hartin and Son of Lord Michael Ashcroft's Alleged Separation

Another Daily Mail report revealed that Andrew Ashcroft and Jasmine Hartin had separated months before she was arrested for fatally shooting the Belize cop.

Sources noted that Hartin and Andrew had kept details of their separation a secret to "maintain appearances," while they were living separate lives. The two had a confrontation earlier this week at the five-star Alia Belize resort, which is owned by the Ashcroft family.

British billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft has extensive business interests in Belize and has once represented the country at the United Nations. Hartin is listed as the hotel's director of lifestyle and experience.

During the confrontation between the two, Hartin was confronted by guards as she walked towards Andrew Ashcroft in the distance.

Jasmine Hartin said that security is stopping her from seeing her children. She tried to confront the son of Lord Michael Ashcroft for the second time, saying that she just wanted to see her children.

Hartin added that she is not in breach of any court order and there is nothing that says that she has no access to her children and property.

Belize Cop's Fatal Shooting

Jasmine Hartin told authorities that she picked up the gun and tried to eject the magazine clip, but it was stuck. 

She further noted that she was struggling to get the magazine out when the gun suddenly went off. She added that she had no idea that the gun still had a bullet in the chamber.

Jasmine Hartin and Henry Jemmott had reportedly been friends for some years and he suggested that Hartin should arm herself after an incident at a party when a man became aggressive towards her, according to an Australian News site.

The two had been drinking together on a pier on May 28, the same day when Jemmott was also found floating dead beside a pier on the island of San Pedro. But police clarified that the two were both fully clothed.

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