Seconds before he was shot, a San Diego man offered his lighter to a stranger near Las Vegas, which ended up being his killer.

Family members of the victim shared that he was a kind person, highlighting that even in the last moment of his life, he did a favor for his killer.

On the evening of July 1, the 32-year-old victim, Abraham Acosta, was in Henderson, Nevada, after helping a friend move. Abraham and his friend went to his favorite convenience store, 7-Eleven. It was his favorite because he was born on July 11, which made him loved the store since he was a child, Review-Journal reported. However, when they bought cigarettes, Abraham did not know that it was his last visit to his favorite store as just after a few moments, the shooting incident happened.

According to 10 News San Diego, Ramon Acosta, brother of the slain 32-year-old Abraham Acosta, stated that the suspect asked his brother for a lighter. Ramon added that instead of thanking his brother, the guy shot Abraham in the face and drove off, leaving him to die.

Moreover, the senseless killing, which happened on July 1 in the parking lot of a Henderson convenience store, has left the loved ones of Abraham reeling. This week, the family learned that the suspect was also believed to be behind a crime spree that already spanned for seven days.

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Killer's Numerous Criminal Activities

Based on the report of FOX 5's reporting partner KVVU, the suspect was identified as 29-year-old John Anthony Carrillo. Authorities tracked down the suspect due to the discovery of his COVID-19 vaccination card. Officers handling the investigation stated that they have found Carrillo's fingerprints in his card that matched the prints found on a stolen car.

Furthermore, when authorities processed the DNA and used nearby surveillance, the detectives stated that they were able to link the suspect to numerous criminal activities. Carillo's other crimes included carjacking, an attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, and even another murder. All of the mentioned activities only took place in a week.

On the other hand, the Santa Clara District Attorney's Office confirmed that Carrillo had only just been released from prison in April. The suspect was convicted of assault with force likely to cause bodily injury.

Ramon Acosta stated that his brother did not deserve to die the way he died. He also added that he was frustrated because his brother died at the hands of a known felon who had just gone out of prison and created havoc. Ramon shared that Abraham was the baby of the family, the youngest one, the sweetest one, the most gentle one.

The family also stated that they were still sorting things out, especially on the arrangements needed to get Abraham home for a memorial service. As of Wednesday evening, Carrillo was being held without bail in the state of Nevada.

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