An Oklahoma mom was arrested and charged with child abuse after her two children called their father and told him that she was punching, kicking, biting, and throwing knives at them.

The father called the police and reported the incident. He said that Sheila Marie Riggie, 32, has a drinking problem, adding that her behavior has been getting more extreme, according to a Crime Online report.

The father noted that he filed a report with the Department of Human Services. However, he said that no action was taken regarding the matter.

He added that he rescued the 11- and six-year-old boys when they told him that Sheila Marie Riggie had threatened to cut their throats. Aside from her children, the Oklahoma mom was also abusing her kids' 11-year-old cousin, according to a News 9 report.

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Oklahoma Authorities Responding

An officer responded to the father's call and visited the home at NW 41st Street in Oklahoma City on Wednesday night, July 14. The father told police that Sheila Marie Riggie has been beating, biting, and choking the boys.

Meanwhile, neighbors said they would hear yelling from time to time, but they never thought of any abuse occurring inside the home.

Neighbor Teejay Adams said they heard the commotion, but they did not think it was to that extent. The children had visible injuries, according to police reports.

An officer noted that one child had a swollen eye from being punched in the face. The kid also has a cut on his back and chest.

The child said that the Oklahoma mom had attempted to stab him with a screwdriver. On the other hand, the second victim had a bite mark on his cheek and forehead.

MSgt. Gary Knight with OCPD said all three children were turned over to the father as part of being taken into protective custody, according to a Scallywag & Vagabond reportIt is still unclear why the government agency that the father had previously complained to failed to intervene.

The Oklahoma mom was taken into custody and booked at the Oklahoma County jail for child abuse. The father of the children said that the kids are now healthy and doing better.

Child Abuse

According to the World Health Organization fact sheet, around 300 million children between the ages of two and four regularly suffer physical punishment and/or psychological violence at the hand of their parents or caregivers.

One in five women and one in 13 women reported being sexually abused as a child. In addition, there are an estimated 40 to 150 homicide deaths in children under 18-years-old every year. 

In an armed conflict and refugee setting, girls are exposed to sexual violence, exploitation, and abuse by combatants and security forces. They can also be abuse by members of their communities and aid workers.

Child abuse can cause stress associated with hindrance in early brain development as stress can impair the development of the nervous and immune systems.

As adults, abused children are at increased risk for behavioral, physical, and mental health problems such as depression, obesity, smoking, high-risk sexual behaviors, alcohol and substance abuse, and unplanned pregnancy.

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