A Florida babysitter has been charged with abusing, neglecting, and killing a three-year-old boy who was found dead in a bathtub last month.

Joshua Manns, 25, reportedly left the boy's mom a note saying her child had accidentally drowned in the bathtub while having a seizure. However, an autopsy had revealed that Jameson Nance had been beaten.

Daily Mail reported that the Florida babysitter called the boy's mom while she was at work and told her that Jameson Nance had drowned in the bathtub.

However, when she got to her apartment, she discovered the boy dead in the bathroom, and Joshua Manns was nowhere to be seen. He had also not called for medical assistance.

Authorities said the Florida babysitter also wrote in the letter that no one would believe him, and he did not want to spend his life in prison for something that he did not do.

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The Florida Boy's Autopsy

The medical examiner did not find any evidence that the young boy had drowned. Its report said that Jameson Nance had suffered from the battered-child syndrome with week-old injuries.

It includes a broken rib, stab wounds to the head, and brain swelling. Last year, the child also had a broken leg, and the Florida Department of Children and Family Services had investigated a different broken leg two years earlier, Crime Online reported.

Investigators were already examining the "suspicious" injuries, including a burn to the child's arm, shortly before he died.

The law enforcement had searched for more than two weeks to find the Florida babysitter. On June 28, they found Joshua Manns in Georgia and arrested him.

Investigators said the Florida babysitter was trying to escape with the help from relatives to get back to West Virginia, his home state, Meaww reported.

Battered-Child Syndrome

According to a Medicine Net term list, battered-child syndrome is a term used to characterize a clinical condition in children who have been physically abused. It is considered to be a form of child abuse.

Child neglect is considered to be the most frequently reported form of child abuse and the most lethal. Neglect is defined as the failure to give the child the proper supervision and nutritional needs they require. It can also be physical, educational, or emotional neglect.

Physical abuse is the second most frequently reported form of child abuse. It can result from punching, beating, kicking, shaking, or overall harming the child.

The parent or caretaker may not have planned to hurt the child, but the injury could be the cause of over-discipline and physical punishment.

Child Abuse

The total number of reported child abuse victims in the U.S. stands at 656,243 in 2019, according to a Statista report. The most common type of child abuse in the U.S. was neglect.

Child Protective Services is the agency responsible for taking care of children victims of abuse and taking on abuse cases.

Utah had the highest number of completed reports per investigation and alternative response work in 2019, with 165 cases.

In addition, American Indian and Alaska Native kids had the highest rate of child abuse in the U.S. based on race and ethnicity.

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