Rapper Pitbull posted a video on Instagram, urging people to "stand up" amid the Cuba protests that erupted on Sunday, July 11. 

Pitbull, a Cuban American, posted the video on Wednesday, July 14, educating his 8.4 million followers on Instagram about what is happening in the country, People reported.

"This is a message to the world. We need to stand up, step up. But if you don't understand what's going on, then you need to wake the f - up," Pitbull said.

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In the more than two-minute video, Pitbull noted that the protests in Cuba are not only an event that affects his country but an event that affects the world. He also emphasized that the demonstrations that occurred were not only about politics but about saving lives.

"This [Cuba protests] is about unity, not division. And the bottom line is taking action," the rapper said.

Pitbull also underscored that he loved that the demonstrators are "doing what they are doing," adding that people live, ride, die, and appreciate freedom. 

The rapper then explained that what frustrates him as a Cuban American was "having a platform this big to the world and not being able to help" his people.

Rapper Pitbull Urges World Leaders, Businesses to Help Amid Cuba Protests

Fox News reported that Pitbull, whose real name is Armando Christian Pérez, also called on world leaders and global businesses to stand up and do something. 

The rapper specifically mentioned Amazon founder Jeff Bezos on his call to help Cuba. Pitbull described Bezos as the "richest man in the world," highlighting Bezos' achievements, such as building one of the biggest companies in the world.

"He's [Jeff Bezos] somebody that can get involved and really help us," the rapper said.

Pitbull also acknowledged that creating awareness is what he can do, labeling politics as "politricks."

"While they [politics] figure out what they figure out, we need to figure out how to really help," the Cuban American noted. "We need to be creative. We need to figure out solutions while they [Cubans] are losing their lives literally for something that we wake up every day and appreciate which is freedom," the rapper added.

Pitbull wrapped up his video by encouraging his people to "keep the fight up" then spoke in Spanish while talking to them.

Other Latin Artists on the Cuba Protests

Apart from Pitbull, other Cuban American artists, such as Gloria Estefan and Camilla Cabello, also expressed their thoughts on the protests in Cuba, Daily Mail reported.

In her Instagram post, Gloria Estefan posted a montage of clips and photos of people in Cuba, with a lengthy caption. She condemned the repressive and violent measures being taken against the Cuban people. 

Gloria Estefan noted that her heart "hurts" for the Cubans and "what they've gone for over 62 years."

Meanwhile, in her Instagram post, Camila Cabello sought help from the people to create awareness of the Cuban protests. Cabello posted #SOSCUBA with the emoji of the Cuban Flag. The "Havana" singer also made the photo her display picture on her account.

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