President Joe Biden did not forget to celebrate National Ice Cream Day on Sunday, July 18. The president has posted a photo of him posing for a selfie with a large cone.

Biden posted the image on @POTUS Twitter account, captioning it with "Happy National Ice Cream Day, folks." 

In a 2016 speech at Jeni's Ice Cream factory, Joe Biden has admitted that he's a fan of ice cream, Fox News reported. The former vice president said he loves ice cream, and he's not kidding about it.

Joe Biden Ripped for Tone-Deaf National Ice Cream Day Post

Many Twitter users had slammed Joe Biden for the tone-deaf post about National Ice Cream Day, with some saying "people are dying."

According to The Sun, the netizens lambasted Joe Biden's "pathetic" post as they vented angrily over inflation, gas prices, stimulus checks, and the ongoing COVID pandemic.

One Twitter user said: "This is pathetic. People are dying, about to be evicted, jobless for months. How dare you!?"

Another one wrote that they could not take their kids for ice cream because the CDC screwed them over with the elimination of mask guidance during a new COVID variant surge.

Another user said that Biden has ice cream day every day "at least the past 3 in person videos I've seen of you," and urged the president to get to work.

One wrote that ice cream tastes better "when served by people making a thriving wage," and asked the president to raise the minimum wage.

Another Twitter user said that "COVID cases are up. Forest fires, flooding, heat waves. Gun violence. Police brutality. But go get your ice cream."

Meanwhile, others still enjoyed seeing the president enjoying himself with the ice cream.

One Twitter user said that they love that Biden can enjoy the fun days, can share some happy times with them, and "nice to have a real human being, who smiles, in our White House again!"

Another one wrote: "I'm eternally grateful for his service and leadership and just his human decency!"

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Joe Biden's Tulsa Massacre Speech Started by Making Sure 2 Girls Get Ice Cream

Last month, Joe Biden delayed his speech for the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre by asking two girls in the audience if they were getting ice cream.

The president noted that he just had to make sure that the two girls will get ice cream when the event was over. He said it must be "purgatory" for the five-year-old kids to hear the president speaks, Daily Mail reported.

Biden went to Tulsa to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Black Wall Street Massacre. It was when white rioters killed African Americans and looted businesses in the prosperous black neighborhood in 1921.

The president said he was visiting the city to ensure that the Tulsa massacre was not overlooked or forgotten. Joe Biden was the first president to mark the anniversary of the Tulsa massacre.

The president said that just because history is silent, it does not mean it did not occur. He added that some injustices are so heinous, they cannot be buried no matter how hard people try.

Biden then urged Americans to remember the occasion and learn from it. He said that it still affects them today, adding that they cannot just choose to learn what they want to know and what they should know.

Joe Biden said that what happened in the Black neighborhood of Greenwood was an act of hate and domestic terrorism.

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