An Ohio woman is facing a felony charge after leaving her pet Husky dog inside her hot car that led to the animal's death.

Kasey Wise had a history of previous animal-related violations, People reported. The Parma Police Department said Wise had been charged with one count of felonious prohibitions concerning companion animals.

An officer responded and went to Wise's address at Kenmore Avenue on the afternoon of June 10 after she reported that her Husky dog was locked inside her car and appeared to be not moving anymore.

A body camera video showed an officer arriving to unlock the SUV as Wise asked for help. The responding officer called for assistance from the Parma Animal Control.

Julie Kocik, a Parma Animal Control officer, responded and found the dog dead inside the Ohio woman's car. Kocik was heard saying on the footage that the Husky dog was dead. Kocik then demanded that Kasey Wise be arrested, Fox 8 News reported. She said: "I want her f****** arrested." 

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Husky Dog Dies Inside the Car

Kasey Wise told officers that the Husky dog had been in the vehicle since noon. The Ohio woman said she had placed the dog there to stay cool in the vehicle's air conditioning. However, the vehicle died.

Kasey Wise said that her car was running the whole time. She then put her pet Husky inside the running vehicle. The Ohio woman is currently facing a charge of cruelty against a companion animal.

She failed to appear in a hearing in Pharma Municipal Court before the case was turned over to the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas.

A spokesperson for the county prosecutor's office said the Ohio woman's case is currently pending before a grand jury, eyeing felony charges based on Goddard's Law.

According to a neighbor included in the incident report, Kasey Wise had already put the Husky dog in the car for a long period of time in the past.

Meanwhile, Kocik was also heard in the video telling Wise to get out before the animal control officer kills her. The local animal control office released a statement regarding its officer's reaction, saying that the officer is passionate about her job and animals.

The statement added that the officer regrets allowing her emotions to get the best of her in this matter. The office added that the safety director counseled her about her reaction, KWTX reported. 

Animal-Related Violations

Kasey Wise has a history of 20 citations since September 2020 for animal-related violations, including animal running at large, failure to comply with requirements for a dangerous dog, and failure to comply with rabies vaccination requirements, animal registration, and comply with quarantine.

The Ohio woman has already been released on bond but has yet to enter a plea.

The animals whose abuse is most often reported are cats, dogs, horses, and livestock. Animal abuse can be seen several times in the factory farm industry, according to a Human Society fact sheet.

One survey showed that 71 percent of domestic violence victims reported that their abuser also targeted their pets.

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