Andrew Ashcroft, the son of British billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft, has faced his former partner socialite Jasmine Hartin in court for the first time on Tuesday, July 20, in a custody dispute.

According to The Times, Andrew Ashcroft and Jasmine Hartin both appeared at a Belize City court. The outlet noted that the custody battle started after Hartin was charged over the killing of a Belize cop. The socialite is currently out of jail after posting bail. 

Andrew Ashcroft filed an application for legal custody of their two children early this month. The 43-year-old son of Lord Michael Ashcroft accused Hartin of being an alcoholic and drug addict who could not take care of their children due to her "immoral" habits.

The 32-year-old socialite denied the claims and alleged that Andrew Ashcroft had been "struggling with alcoholism for years." Hartin also said she could prove this in court.

According to Hartin's lawyer, Richard Bradley, the court has adjourned the hearing until September to have more time to weigh the evidence of their claims.

According to The Times report, Bradley also said that Jasmine Hartin has claimed that while she was at a Belize jail, a representative of Andrew Ashcroft came with some documents about "her assets" and "handing over her shares" in the resort run by Andrew Ashcroft.

Hartin was the social director at the posh Belize resort built by Andrew Ashcroft before she was arrested for shooting a Belize cop in May.

The socialite said she was asked to sign these documents in the men's lavatory since there were no other rooms. Bradley noted that "they had her sign over all her assets, all her shares." 

Bradley added that Jasmine Hartin was also being pressured to sign over custody of the kids, but she did not sign those papers.

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Jasmine Hartin's Fight For the Custody of Her Kids

Jasmine Hartin had a falling-out with her partner over custody of their two children. Hartin's family earlier created a GoFundMe post and said she needs money just to live.

The appeal noted that they just need help desperately, and they promised to pay back any donations "in time," according to a Daily Beast report.

The socialite got into a public confrontation with Andrew Ashcroft when she was out on bail. She accused her former partner of denying her access to their two young twins.

However, this commotion had landed her back in prison after an employee had withdrawn the bail money. She was only allowed to get out of jail after a friend put up bail money for her.

Jasmine Hartin said she could not believe that she was treated this way. She added that the Ashcroft family was also told to distance themselves from her to protect their reputation.

Hartin's family said that her Canadian bank accounts had been hacked. This was why she was unable to access her funds and had to set up a GoFundMe page.

The GoFundMe page claimed that her passwords were changed and "monies frauded in the thousands." The fundraiser was seeking a $30,000 monetary goal.

Jasmine Hartin's Case on the Death of a Belize Cop

Jasmine Hartin had confessed to authorities that she was practicing how to handle a gun when it went off and accidentally shot a Belize cop.

San Pedro Superintendent Henry Jemmott was struck behind his ear by his own service pistol in the early hours of May 28. The Belize cop has been socializing and drinking alone with Hartin on a secluded area of a hotel pier at the time, New York Post reported.

Hartin said that the Belize cop was a longtime friend. The top cop had suggested that Hartin should buy a gun after a random man harassed her.

She told authorities that she tried to pick up the gun during their gun handling practice and tried to eject the magazine clip. However, it was stuck.

Jasmine Hartin was trying to get the magazine out when the firearm went off, not knowing that it still had a bullet inside. The socialite was charged with manslaughter by negligence.

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