Lil Uzi Vert, also known as Lil Uzi, could be coordinating with Grimes to buy an actual planet of their own legally. However, many space experts claimed that the two stars' upcoming planet purchase is most likely a joke or bogus since no one can legally buy land in outer space.

This information was revealed after the partner of Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, posted a tweet. She said that the Vert would soon own the planet called WASP-127b, which is a gas giant exoplanet around 1.4 times larger than Jupiter.

This celestial body is currently orbiting around a yellow dwarf star, which is just like the solar system's sun.

Lil Uzi and Grimes to Own A Planet?

According to Business Insider's latest report, the female singer announced their plan on Thursday, July 29. She claimed that the male rapper would soon become the first Earth resident to own an actual planet.

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"Apparently @LILUZIVERT owns this planet - just a heads up," said the singer.

Grimes' latest Twitter post generated more than 1,800 likes, 580 quote tweets, and 21,000 likes. Although some of their fans were amazed by their alleged plan, other people criticized them since buying a planet is impossible."Do you realize how crazy that is. He's buying a planet larger than Jupiter and just for reference here's what Jupiter looks like next to the Earth. He's buying something 317x the mass of his own PLANET bro," reiterated one of the Twitter users in the comment section.

On the other hand, HITC reported that many scientists are now rejecting the viral idea of the rapper and Musk's girlfriend. Yale astronomy professor Gregory Laughlin explained that there is now a legal ownership framework or regulated exchange from Earth that currently exists for buying an exoplanet.

Weird Things About Grimes

According to Contact Music, Grimes tend to show weird acts. Although she may not be a normal person, many music fans still tend to love her. If you are not familiar with the singer, here are some of the weirdest things she did: 

  • She legally put part of her soul up for sale
  • Her daily meal includes caffeinating gummies, hot dog sausages, butter toast, and the so-called "sludge." 
  • She revealed her party make-up routine 
  • She said she goes to bed at 6am
  • She requests adorable animals in her rider
  • She sells rings based on female's private part called vulva
  • She named her son X Æ A-XII 

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