After years of living with fear, mothers of missing children in Tamaulipas, Mexico issued a plea to a drug cartel to allow a search in an "extermination camp."

The group of mothers asked Gulf Cartel to allow them to search the extermination camp near the border city of Matamoros to find their loved ones' remains.

According to Mexico News Daily, the Tamaulipas Union of Collectives of Searching Mothers offered a "truce" with the drug cartel, based in Mexico's northern border state, to let them enter a property in an area known as the "La Bartolina." The site was located around 25 kilometers east of the city of Matamoros.

As they appealed to Gulf Cartel, the searching mothers said in a statement that they were not looking for culprits and emphasized that they just want to recover the remains of their children, fathers, mothers, siblings, and other relatives.

The mothers and other relatives of missing individuals in Mexico noted that they intend to stage a protest at the property to demand authorities to exhume and identify the remains to be turned over to their respective families who want closure in cases of disappearance.

The union of collectives stated: "As the good human beings we are, we appeal to your compassion and good heart so that you allow us to go the La Bartolina property to demand that the authorities of the three levels of government do the necessary work to start to exhume the remains that they find (there)."

Around 200 members of families of missing individuals signed the truce, and the statement was directed to the leader of the Gulf Cartel faction, known as the Cyclones of Matamoros. 

The group noted that not knowing the whereabouts of their missing loved ones felt like "endless torture," and it was too much to bear.

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Mexico Confirms Gulf Cartel Clandestine Human Incineration Site Near Texas Border

Last month, Mexico's federal government confirmed the existence of the Gulf Cartel clandestine human incineration site near the Texas border.

The head of Mexico's National Search Commission, Karla Quintana Osuna, said federal and state authorities have been recovering remains from the La Bartolina site since 2017.

Quintana noted that from 2017 to May 28, more than 500 kilograms of charred bone fragments and ashes had been recovered from the extermination camp of the drug cartel.

According to federal information, the said area was allegedly operated by the Gulf Cartel since 2009. The drug cartel members allegedly took the people they abducted to the site, where they tortured and murdered them, and their bodies were then cremated and buried.

Mothers in Mexico March for Missing Children

Every May 10, mothers march on the streets of Mexico. The parade occurs annually on the occasion of Mothers Day.

This year, hundreds of people observed Mothers Day in Mexico City by marching to demand authorities to find their missing children.

The government said more than 80,000 people have disappeared in Mexico. It started when the country began its drug war in 2006.

Missing Individuals in Mexico Remain Unidentified in Morgues

As the number of missing individuals continues to rise in Mexico, the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences earlier said that it holds around 6,249 unidentified bodies, hoping for possible identification.

Many of the bodies remain unknown since they have yet to undergo DNA analysis. The NGO Justice Center noted that the lack of coordination between authorities involved in the process is crucial in the ongoing crisis.

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