"Price Tag" singer Jessie J apologized to "Superbass" rapper Nicki Minaj over their feud that stemmed out from their hit collaboration "Bang Bang."

Jessie J addressed the issue and the remarks she made about their collaboration in 2014 as she shared a slide show of memes that made fun of her and the rapper.

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Jessie J Admits Getting the Wrong Story on 'Bang Bang'

The British singer took to Instagram to straighten the rift the performers have with each other. In the caption, Jessie J mentioned some of the funny moments, such as a meme showing her lip-syncing with Minaj's rap line and the moment when the rapper used her as a rail to get down on the stairs during their AMA's performance.


The "Who You Are" singer then apologized, contending that she was told a different story by someone who was "gassing" her up at her label.

"I'm sorry I got the story wrong all these years, I was told you heard the song and you wanted to be on it," Jessie J highlighted. The singer also noted that she respected Minaj publicly for being herself. That is why she was herself at 33, as she offered her apology.

The apology stemmed out after the "Do it Like a Dude" singer had an interview, where she claimed that Nicki Minaj heard the song and wanted to add a rap verse to it.

Apart from apologizing, Jessie J then thanked the "Chun Li" rapper for correcting her about the story she was told about, as she wished for a blessing to the one who told her a different version of the story. Furthermore, the singer described that she felt she won a competition when she heard the news.

Despite the feud the stormed the performers, Jessie J acknowledged that "Bang Bang's" success would not be possible without Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande.

"Look, the song did its damn thing. I will never say you asked me to be on the song ever again," Jessie J said in her caption.

Nicki Minaj Addresses Jessie J Over "Bang Bang" Feud

Jessie J's apology came after Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to call out the British singer over her claims in the interview.

Minaj explained  in her since deleted tweet that she did not hear the song and she did not ask to be on it. The rapper underscored that the label asked her to be on "Bang Bang" and paid her.

Minaj asked on her tweet how will she hear the song, exclaiming that she was not a "song monitor." People noted that Minaj ended her statement urging everyone to stop and expressing her love.

People also mentioned another since-deleted tweet where the "Moment for Life" singer said that she was obsessed with "Bang Bang" since the minute she heard it on the radio while in the U.K., doing her promotions.

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