Cool sound, chill vibes, and poetic lyrics... These are some of the descriptions Indie songs were associated with after artists put a lot of effort into writing them. Although curating melodies were and writing lyrics are known to be a lot of work for some artists, that is not the case for Canadian Croatian Dani Kristina because she already wrote about 600 songs since she was a little girl.

In this issue of Latin Post's Artist of the Week, I was lucky enough to chat with the 20-year-old singer-songwriter, who makes her name on the indie side of the music industry.

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Canadian Croatian Dani Kristina: Journey as a Singer-Songwriter

Kristina started getting exposed to music as a little girl when her sister was learning to play the piano. Labeling her sister as her biggest role model up until the present, Kristina shared that she decided to follow her older sister and take piano lessons as well.

At the age of five, Kristina wrote her first song as an entry for a competition in the music school, where she learned to play the instrument. When asked about her inspiration on her first song, the singer-songwriter highlighted that life and media helped her a lot at that moment.

"I started getting inspiration from just life in general, and just media, books I was reading at that age," Kristina noted, adding that she was a wide reader and kind of advanced for her age. She added that she made sense of whatever surrounds her, such as literature, movies, magazines.

She also noted that her Croatian and Canadian roots helped her with her career, contending that she was also inspired by the diverse soundscape available to her growing up. She said that her environment filled with different immigrants growing up, helped her develop her sound.

Dani Kristina in the Music Industry

Just like every singer, Kristina also struggled at first. The singer recalled that she emailed a lot of recording studios and inquired about a bunch of things she landed with Nobel Street Studios in Toronto.

In 2019, Kristine released her debut single entitled "I Wanna Belong," which paved the way to release her first Extended playlist (EP) called Aura. The singer-songwriter said that she was nervous because the EP included more vulnerable songs and more projects.

Kristina also shared some of her difficulties in the music industry, particularly the statistics of her listeners.

"It's hard to keep going as an independent artist sometimes because you know, you're not giving the numbers that you want or you're realizing 'not so many people liked my post this time,' It's very much a numbers game for me," Kristina pointed out. To cope with it, the singe shared that she put on a mindset that "numbers don't matter it just my art and my expression that matters."

Dani Kristina released her latest single entitled "One Night Stand," which, according to her, was the continuation of her song "Gambler," which was released in June. For her plans, the Canadian Croatian singer shared that she would love to experiment with different genres of music for her future songs.

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Written By: Joshua Summers

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