Rapper Kanye West welcomed thousands of people at Soldier Field in Chicago on Thursday as he held the "Donda" listening party. 

Although fans were able to party with the rapper, West was immediately criticized as he invited some notable and infamous stars to the said listening party.

Kanye West was seen standing with rapper DaBaby and rocker Marilyn Manson in the show.

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Fans took to Twitter to express their disappointments when DaBaby and Manson showed on the stage. Twitter users used videos and GIFs to show their opposition to DaBaby being on Kanye's song.

One user posted a meme of giving money, saying that he would pay the rapper just to take DaBaby away from West's song.

Another user compared the collaboration of Manson, West, and DaBaby to ramen noodles with chocolate bars.

Fans have expected that the verse sung by DaBaby was supposed to perform by Jay-Z. DaBaby's performance at the party marked his second appearance after he was caught in controversy for his sexual comments during his performance in Miami. 

DaBaby was reported to ask the ladies to light their phones if their genitals smell like water. Meanwhile, Manson made his appearance amid the sexual allegations he's currently facing from women who accused him of rape and other sexual misconduct.

Kim Kardashian Appears in Wedding Dress on Kanye West's Listening Party

Apart from Manson and DaBaby, West's ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, also appeared on stage. As the rapper performs the song "No Child Left Behind," Kim Kardashian showed his support to his ex-hubby and she appeared on stage wearing a luxury wedding dress.

The "Keeping Up with The Kardashians" star was reported to wear a Balenciaga couture wedding dress.

According to sources, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still not back together. However, the ex-couple said they would be "forever family."

"Kim and Kanye have always supported each other's endeavors and will continue to do that in the future," said the insider.

Kanye West Offers On-Site Vaccine to Party Goers

At least 40,000 fans were allowed to enter the venue, but unlike other large-scale shows in the country, Kanye West's listening party did not require the concert goers to show their proof of vaccination.

Instead, the Dondo listening party was reported to offer an on-site vaccination site. West's team brought at least 2,000 doses to the show and convinced attendees to get their COVID vaccine shots.

According to a fan who attended the show, officials told them that they could sit in front of the stage if they get vaccinated on the site.

"We know that Soldier Field has adopted many COVID-19 safety protocols, and feel this event can be held safely so long as attendees abide by these precautions," the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) said.

Fans who attended Kanye West's listening party were asked to monitor COVID symptoms in the coming days and urge them to get tested if they experience any symptoms.

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