Former Gap CEO and retail legend Mickey Drexler admitted that he was against the deal between the company and Kanye West. Drexler said the partnership does not make sense.

Drexler, now the CEO of specialty apparel retailer Alex Mill, issued the comments during an interview with Yahoo! Finance Live.

Apart from being former CEO of Gap, Drexler was also known for making a brand cool in the '80s and early '90s. He also revived the J.Crew in the early 2000s.

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Alex Mill CEO Mickey Drexler Admits Kanye West's Yeezy Collab With Gap Earned Millions

Despite sharing that he was against the collaboration between the celebrated fashion designer and the clothing brand, Mickey Drexler also noted that he should not be giving any comments like that.

According to Drexler, he told Kanye West not to do the deal with Gap because, for him, the partnership does not make any sense in his opinion, Boss Hunting reported.

"I have a lot of friends at Gap still, but it doesn't work for someone like Kanye," the former Gap CEO noted, adding that Kanye West was not a corporate person while Gap is a big corporation. However, Drexler acknowledged that the partnership earned both the artist and the brand millions overnight.

"So, I know that the jacket sold out. They did $7 million on the jacket overnight," Drexler said.

The ex-Gap CEO was referring to the Yeezy x Gap Round jacket released in June. The said jacket was colored bright cobalt blue and was sold for $200 each. The said jacket was made from recycled nylon and had no zipper, which any gender can wear.

"He [Kanye West] was a smart guy but he shouldn't have done it. And I don't think they [Gap] should have done it, either," said Mickey Drexler as he emphasized that the collaboration should not have happened.

Yeezy and Gap Collaboration With Kanye West

It has been almost a year since Gap's tie-up with Kanye West was announced. Kanye West announced the 10-year partnership between Yeezy and Gap with a collection titled YEEZY Gap, Hypebeast reported. 

The said deal gives Yeezy royalty based on sales performance throughout their partnership. Gap Chief Executive Officer Sonia Syngal earlier noted that the shares of their brand skyrocketed to 42 percent after the deal was announced as investors bought the idea that Kanye West would bring life to the dying mall apparel brand.

The Yeezy and Gap collaboration was expected to include other clothing such as hoodies, T-shirts, basics, and joggers. However, only the black color of the puffer jacket was released by the brand, and no other apparel was released under the collab.

In June, Insider noted that the partnership between Yeezy and Gap could be valued at $970 million.

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