Governor Gavin Newsom made his rounds around Southern California over the weekend as he continues to fight the nearing of the recall elections in the state that can remove him from his office.

Newsom continued to urge the people to "Vote No," nine days ahead of the upcoming elections, where he would face several Republican gubernatorial hopefuls.

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Democrats Show Support to Gavin Newsom as California Recall Elections Near

Some big-name Democrats from across the country touted their support as Newsom faces possible removal from his office.

On Sunday, California representative Maxine Waters joined Newsom when he appeared at a campaign event in MacArthur Park. The said campaign was attended by the L.A. County Federation of Labor as well as large crowds from union members and volunteers.

On Saturday, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren joined the California governor in Culver City. Warren and Newsom were reported to take part in an outdoor rally at Culver City High School, where polls show that left-leaning younger and Latino voters were slow to turn in their mail ballots.

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar was scheduled to join the California Governor in his rally on Sunday. Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris was scheduled to travel to the Bay Area on Wednesday to show support to Newsome, according to Harris' chief spokesperson Symone Sanders.

In an interview on Friday, Newsom shared that he was honored by the support he receives from the Democrats, whom he called "strong women."

Although Kamala Harris was confirmed to join Newsom in his campaign, there were no announcements regarding President Joe Biden traveling to California, despite White House press secretary Jen Psaki saying in her August 25 briefing that the "president still plans and campaign for Gov. Newsom in California."

Poll Shows Gavin Newsom Leads Recall Election Race

As recall elections in California are just a day ahead, Newsom is set to face notable Republican gubernatorial hopefuls.

Republican governor hopefuls such as Larry Elder, John Cox, Kevin Faulconer, Caitlyn Jenner, Kevin Kiley are among the candidates who seek Newsom's removal from his current post.

Meanwhile, Kevin Paffrath also ran in the recall elections, making him the only Democrat who seeks to replace Newsom from his Governor duties.

A recent poll mentioned by ABC 7 revealed that Newsom established a lead in the recall elections. Meanwhile, Conservative radio host Larry Elder leads the gubernatorial hopefuls to replace Newsom, based on a Five Thirty-Eight poll, garnering 24.2 percent.

Democratic strategist Michelle Jeung said that if more Democrats will go out to show support for the California governor, Newsom will be fine in the recall elections. Jeung further noted that Democrats need national figures because Californians do not "necessarily feel highly motivated by Gavin Newsom himself."

In mid-August, State election officials started mailing the ballots to California's 22 million registered voters. The said ballots need to be returned in person or postmarked by September 14. The said ballot would ask voters from the state if Gavin Newsom should be removed from office. If more than 50 percent answered "Yes," then the leading candidate among the governor hopefuls will replace Newsom from his post.

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