Gavin Newsom and Larry Elder are both upping up their game days ahead of the California recall elections, as both of them engaged in tours on Wednesday, to fight for the governor post of the state. For their campaigns, Newsom was joined by Vice President Kamala Harris in the Bay Area while Elder went to the Venice neighborhood located in Los Angeles.

According to the latest poll from the Public Policy Institute of California, the recall effort in the state is likely to fail. However, Elder remains to be the gubernatorial candidate that will replace Newsom if more Californians voted to replace the current governor from his post.

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Kamala Harris Joins Gavin Newsom in His Campaign

On Wednesday afternoon, Harris joined the California governor at an event held at the IBEW-NECA Joint Apprenticeship Training Center in San Leandro. Harris said that it was important for her to come to California to speak and support her "dear friend," ABC News reported.

During the campaign, Harris was full of praises for Newsom, touting some of the projects the California governor implemented. The vice president mentioned that over 22 million Californians were vaccinated due to the programs the governor implemented during the pandemic.

Harris was the latest big-name democrat to show support to Newsom in the recall elections. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is expected to campaign for the California governor next week.

Apart from Vice President Kamala Harris, former President Barrack Obama also showed support and urged the Californians to vote no on the upcoming recall. Obama was featured on an ad campaign released Wednesday, as the former president touted Newsom's efforts to protect California against COVID-19.

"Your vote could be the difference between protecting our kids and putting them at risk. Helping Californians recover or taking us backwards," Obama said in the ad campaign.

As Newsom continued to urge California voters to vote no on Tuesday's recall election, the California governor blasted his leading competitor, Larry Elder, highlighting the risks that may happen if the conservative radio host replaced him in the office.

"He said the first thing he'll do after he gets sworn in... is he will sign an executive order eliminating mask wearing for our kids in public schools," Newsom said. The governor furthered that Elder would also eliminate vaccine verification among healthcare workers.

Larry Elder Cuts Tour After an Egg Was Thrown at Him During Campaign

As Newsom continued to urge Californians to vote no on the recall elections, Larry Elder ended his campaign tour in Venice shortly after it began on Wednesday morning, after he was confronted by a group of angry homeless people. Elder was reported to spend at least 12 minutes in the Los Angeles neighborhood. A video posted online showed that a woman who was wearing a gorilla mask with a pink wig threw an egg in the direction of Elder's head. The video also revealed that the woman in the gorilla mask engaged in a verbal altercation with the gubernatorial hopeful's campaign member.

On Wednesday night, Elder took to Twitter to announce that he canceled his "Recall Express" bus tour in the Los Angeles neighborhood, adding that his security detail was physically assaulted.

Despite what happened, Elder said that the incident will not stop them from "recalling Gavin Newsom and saving California."

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