Colorado school shooter Devon Erickson has been sentenced to an additional 1,282 years for attempted murder and other charges connected to the 2019 shooting at the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math School in Highlands Ranch.

Erickson had killed a classmate and wounded eight others during the 2019 school shooting. His sentence included without the possibility of a parole, according to a Daily Mail report.

He is the second person sentenced to prison time for the Colorado shooting. Alec McKinney pleaded guilty last year to murder, attempted murder, and conspiracy, among others.

McKinney aided in the shooting.

Erickson was convicted of first-degree murder for fatally shooting Kendrick Castillo, who was one of the three students who rushed to impede Erickson's rampage when he entered the classroom carrying a handgun.

The convicted shooter had kept his head down and only showed emotion when his relatives started their statements.

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Judge's Sentence

Judge Theresa Michelle Slade told Erickson that there is nothing she can say to him that would make any difference, according to an NPR report.

Slade further noted that Erickson never tried to explain his actions, which had left unanswered questions for a community seeking some sense of closure.

The judge added that she does not believe that it makes much difference for Erickson, adding that what he does for the rest of his life in prison is not on her.

Joshua Jones and Brendan Bialy, who helped Castillo subdue Erickson, had also delivered their statements.

Jones said that Erickson killed Castillo, and he did not care. He added that he asked the judge to put the suspect in jail for as long as they could.

Bialy said that Erickson is a loser. He noted that Erickson walked into a classroom, armed, and attacked vulnerable students.

Castillo's parents were also present during the sentencing, as well as Erickson's father.

Jim Erickson had read aloud the names of those injured and apologized to them, teachers, students, and law enforcement, and the whole community.

Colorado School Shooting in 2019

Erickson was reported to have been a chronic drug abuser at the time, adding that the substance abuse had left him unable to think clearly.

Some students said they were angry about red flags they claimed were missed when it comes to Erickson.

Michael Schwartz said Erickson had talked about causing harm and sadness, according to a BBC News report.

Schwartz said that he thought Erickson was just messing around. However, sometimes the suspect would hint at it here and there.

Erickson was also reported to bully younger students at the school.

On the day of the shooting, students were evacuated from the school and were led to a parking lot at a nearby recreation center, waiting to be picked up by their parents.

One student, who was identified as Adam, said that they heard there was a lockdown, thinking it was a drill until they saw the officer with the patrol rifle and other police cars coming, according to a 2019 CBS News report.

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