The Feria Internacional del Medio Ambiente (FIMA), or the International Environment Fair, will be presenting aspects and technologies related to carbon neutrality in Bogota, Colombia.

FIMA serves as the main platform for the dissemination of high-impact environmental programs and projects, as well as an important center for commercial transactions of technology and specialized services in the region.

Toward a Carbon Neutral Colombia
(Photo: GJ Comunicaciones)

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Through the Carbon Neutral Colombia program, the nation's Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development is looking to establish strategies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the level of organizations, products, and projects in the country. This will also be exhibited at the 7th Feria Internacional del Medio Ambiente FIMA 2021, which will run from September 29 to October 2 in person, following biosafety protocols in Corferias, Bogota.

The upcoming event aims to bring together associations and companies that are working on managing their greenhouse gas emissions by proposing strategies like measuring their respective carbon footprint, launching emission reduction projects, and offsetting their current emissions.

"In Colombia we want to be carbon-neutral; and for this, we must stop deforestation, make modernization and better management of agricultural lands, and achieve a transition in the productive apparatus to be less dependent on fossil fuels," explains Carlos Eduardo Correa, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development. "There are the keys to the reductions of Greenhouse Gases in our country, so that later, through biodiversity, ecological restoration and reforestation we can balance the equation and reach the fulfillment of this goal."

The FIMA Colombia Carbon Neutral program is divided into three staggered phases, recognizing the value of business management. First is the calculation of the carbon footprint, then the management of this carbon footprint, and last is making the commitment to carbon neutrality.

There are benefits and incentives for companies that join the FIMA program and begin the calculation and management of carbon footprint and the commitment to carbon neutrality. Benefits include tax incentives from greenhouse gas management and reduction, recognition across national media, recognition at an annual program event, and a distinction for their carbon neutrality efforts.

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