Facebook's messaging service WhatsApp had recently launched a new feature on its messaging platform. However, many users are still unaware of the many hidden features the messaging service holds.

One of these features includes a way to hide some of the users' chats. WhatsApp had allowed users to hide certain conversations. 

However, according to a Marca report, new messages would reappear on the original section despite being in the archives folder.

WhatsApp has revealed that it has made a feature that would move hidden chats in a separate folder, without archived feeds reappearing in the main section with the incoming new message.

The company earlier tweeted that they heard users' demand to have their archived messages stay tucked away in the Archived Chats folder. WhatsApp said that a new Archived Chats settings would mean that any archived message will stay in that folder.

You can keep certain chat messages archived by tapping on the "More options" section on the "Chats" tab. Then select "Chats," and then "Chat history," and lastly, "Archive all chats."

Users must tap and hold on to the chat they want to hide to send one chat conversation into the archive section. WhatsApp said users will no longer be notified about these conversations "unless they are mentioned or replied to."

Users can also go back any time and make changes to the settings for any chat by revisiting the "archived chats" section.

WhatsApp has also decided to remove the Messenger Rooms shortcut option recently. It allowed users to make Messenger Rooms. According to a Geo TV report, Messenger Rooms allow users to join a group for a video call on Facebook.

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WhatsApp New In-App Business Directory

WhatsApp recently introduced a feature to make it possible to search for businesses within its app for the first time, Reuters reported.

Initially tested in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the feature allows users to find shops and services through a directory in the app. It is the latest feature in Facebook's drive to improve ecommerce on its services.

Facebook has pushed in-app shopping features across its apps as online commerce continues to rise amid the COVID pandemic.

According to WhatsApp, the new test in Brazil would include thousands of businesses like food, retail, and local services across Sao Paulo.

WhatsApp Security Issues

A recent report noted that WhatsApp is not as private as it claims. A ProPublica report claimed that Facebook is paying over 1,000 contract workers worldwide to read through and moderate WhatsApp messages, New York Post reported.

The messages are supposedly encrypted or private. The report said the contract workers were working in office buildings in Austin, Texas, Dublin, and Singapore.

The company also reportedly shares certain private data with law enforcement agencies, including the Department of Justice.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had earlier claimed that WhatsApp messages are not being reviewed. In his testimony before the Senate in 2018, he said the company does not view or see any message in WhatsApp.

A WhatsApp spokeswoman noted that the app provides a way to report spam or abuse to prevent any harm on the internet.

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