Tiktok user Fat Trophy Wife had claimed through a Tiktok post that she was kicked from an Alaska Airlines flight for wearing a crop top.

Fat Trophy Wife or also known for her real name Ray Lin Howard said that an Alaska Airlines flight attendant had "harassed" and called the airport police on her for wearing an "inappropriate outfit," according to an Insider report.

Footage shows her being escorted off the plane before sitting down with authorities to tell the string of events that led to her going off-board the plane.

Howard told police officers that she was harassed because of her outfit, claiming that the staff approached her because she wore a grey top that showed her stomach.

She then told officers that she had worn another shirt when staff asked her. But she was approached once again, saying that she cannot wear it because her stomach is showing and it was inappropriate.

Howard was traveling to Fairbanks and reportedly wore bicycling shorts and crop top on the flight, adding that her private parts were fully covered, according to a Live and Let's Fly report.

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Alaska Airlines' Dress Code

The officer in the video noted that Howard had not done any criminal offence, adding that it is an issue relating to the airline's dress code.

Howard, who is also a musician, said that she looked up the said dress code and said that she was within the rule.

Alaska Airlines' dress code noted that its dress code is casual and that the requirement is simply a neat and well-groomed appearance, according to an Independent report.

The dress code of the airline noted that soiled or tattered is not acceptable, as well as bare feet.

Alaska Airlines commented on the matter, saying that they are in contact with the guest and that they are committed to finding out what happened and taking needed actions.

Howard said that she felt like she was being discriminated against for being a "fat, tattooed, mixed-race woman," according to a New York Post reportShe added that the incident had left her full of emotions like anger, disappointment, helplessness, humiliation, and confusion.

Howard said that she had to deal with fatphobia throughout her life, especially that she grew in Midwest. She eventually noted and claimed that the airline later called her to apologize and offered her a discount code for future purchases.

Howard said it was "hilarious" in one of her Tiktok posts.

The musician was not the first person to accuse the same airline staff of their dress codes.

In July, Tiktok user Sierra Steadman had accused Alaska Airlines of allegedly slut-shaming her and threatening to remove her from the flight. Steadman was also wearing crop tops and shorts at the time.

She posted a video showing her crying and captioning the footage. The caption said that she had never felt more degraded, ashamed, embarrassed, angry, or sad.

Steadman had posted a Tiktok video supporting Howard and said that the incident should not have been happening several times.

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