Mexican Actor Joaquin Cosio is now giving life to Marvel's mutant hero legend Wolverine in its newest Spanish podcast project.

Cosio is doing the voice of Wolverine in the podcast entitled "Marvel's Wolverine: La Lagra Noche," a Spanish translation of the series "Marvel's Wolverine: The Long Night" that first aired in 2018.

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Mexican Actor Joaquin Cosio as Wolverine in Spanish Podcast

"La Lagra Noche" is a podcast made through the collaboration between Marvel Entertainment and SiriusXM. The podcast narrates and revolves around a mysterious death that happened in Burns, Alaska, where special agents Sally Pierce and Tad Marshall were tasked to investigate.

The said podcast will be composed of 10 episodes, Milenio reported. To date, two of the episodes have been released and are available to be streamed on the SiriusXM app. It is also available in Apple podcasts, but users need to subscribe to Marvel Podcasts Unlimited to get access to the material.

The weekly audio series features a 30-minute-long material featuring the voice of some Mexican actors, including Joaquin Cosio.

Other voices featured on the Spanish podcast include Guillermo García, Iván Bernal, Brigitte Kali Canales, Bruno Bichir, Rafael Sigler, Ricardo Chavez, Alberto Zeni, and Marianna Burelli.

Although Joaquin Cosio was the second actor who will portray Wolverine in the Marvel universe, his role as a mutant will not be his first time in a superhero project as he appeared this year in the hit superhero film "The Suicide Squad."

Marvel's Wolverine

Joaquin Cosio is the second actor who will give life to the Wolverine role. Australian actor Hugh Jackman is the first to play the mutant hero.

Jackman was the only actor who played Wolverine until Marvel's 2017 film "Logan." He appeared in a total of nine "X-Men" movies, where he played the role of Wolverine.

Although Jackman played Wolverine in all the movies, the Aussie earlier revealed that he was not the actor originally cast for the role. Jackman noted that Dougray Scott was cast for the role, and he was supposed to be a backup actor since Scott got caught up in "Mission: Impossible II."

Wolverine was a mutant born in Alberta, Canada during the last years of the 19th century. He was known to have an overactive mutant immune system. His powers first came to light when Thomas Logan, whom he did not know was his real father, shot his adoptive father, John Howlett.

Wolverine, real name James Howlett, killed Thomas Logan and slashed the face of Logan's son and his friend dog. 

Wolverine was best known in the X-Men franchise to be a mutant with rapid regeneration powers that allow him to clap back from any type of bodily wound as long as his head remains attached to his shoulders. 

He is also known for his slashing skills using the six-feet long bone claws - three in each hand- that he can hide and release at will.

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