Three burned and dismembered bodies were found in a dumpster fire outside of a business establishment in Fort Worth, Texas, police said Friday.

According to Crime Online, the Fort Worth fire department responded to a report of a dumpster fire in the 3100 block of Bonnie Drive at around 6:15 a.m. Wednesday. 

Dismembered Bodies Found in Texas

After the firefighters extinguished the blaze in the dumpster, they found the three dismembered bodies. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, one of the dismembered bodies was that of a child.

The news outlet said the others were apparently a young woman or a teenage girl and an adult male. The man has been identified as 42-year-old David Lueras, NBC DFW reported.

Police said on Friday that David Lueras was "known to frequent the Dallas area and has some ties to the Hurst, Euless and Bedford area." 

Court records showed that Lueras has a long criminal history. His crimes include charges of fraud, theft, and drug possession.

The Fort Worth police said the other bodies have yet to been identified. Police admitted that they have been struggling to identify the other victims because they were badly burned and heavily dismembered.

Also, the police said some of the body parts of the victims were missing. The dumpster, which was located on a tree lawn in front of a storage business, was removed from the scene and was taken into custody as evidence.

Reports said all that remains now is charred grass around the area, where the large trash container was found. Police said no arrests had been made, and no suspects had been identified.

Authorities urged anyone with information related to the three dismembered bodies to contact Detective M. Barron at 817-392-4339 or Detective T. O'Brien at 817-392-4338.

They also said callers could contact the homicide unit at 817-392-4330. Residents could also choose the option of remaining anonymous by calling CrimeStoppers at 817-469-8477.

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Four Individuals Found Dead With Gunshot Wounds in Houston Fire

Early this month, authorities in Houston, Texas responded to a house fire and discovered four dead bodies inside. Police said all of the victims bore gunshot wounds.

Police Chief Troy Finner said the victims were one man, one woman, a girl, and a boy. Police believe that the incident stemmed from domestic violence.

"When it's innocent kids, it's even more upsetting, They hadn't even lived their lives," Finner noted.

Police said it's unclear who set the blaze and whether it was related to the shootings. When asked about the possibility of a murder-suicide, Finner told reporters that police had not ruled anything out yet.

Police said there was no forced entry, and the crime did not appear random. There was also no suspect arrested in this case.

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