A disturbing video leaked by Mexican drug cartel Los Tlacos showed its henchmen forcing some rival gang members to line up and kneel side-by-side before they were executed in Guerrero, Mexico.

In the more than seven-minute footage released on social media Wednesday, 20 members of La Bandera were seen on their knees in the middle of a forest in Iguala, Guerrero. They were interrogated and tortured by armed and hooded men who identified themselves as members of the rival group Los Tlacos.

The man who led the interrogation questioned them, asking their names and their boss and what does he do, while long guns were pointed at their heads, El Pais reported.

Mexican Drug Cartel Los Tlacos Accuses Rival Gang of Extortion, Killing Innocent People

According to Daily Mail, the Los Tlacos accused members of La Bandera of extortion and killing innocent people.

"People from Iguala, here are all those who extorted money and who were killing innocent people and women. The trash that terrorized this beautiful city," the masked man said. "We told them and the time has come, this turf already has an owner."

The man also accused Iguala mayor-elect David Gama Perez of alleged ties with La Bandera leader Chucho Brito, whom the kneeling men refer to as their "boss." 

At one point, a member of La Bandera admitted that Chucho Brito has a direct line with the mayor's office. Another La Bandera henchmen said Brito has made money off of construction projects awarded to him.

At least four of the victims' dismembered bodies were found dumped in the trunk of a car left abandoned in front of the campaign office of David Gama Perez on Wednesday morning. The remains of the other 16 victims have yet to be recovered. 

One of the four men found in the vehicle, who was identified as Luis Angel, was under investigation for the aggravated homicide of two men, the Guerrero State Office of the Attorney General said.

The Guerrero State Office of the Attorney General added that they would continue with the corresponding investigations to locate those responsible for the criminal act. Perez's office has yet to comment on the matter.

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43 Ayotzinapa Students Handed to Mexican Drug Cartel

La Bandera is reportedly an armed gang linked to the Guerreros Unidos, the Mexican drug cartel connected to the kidnapping of 43 students in Ayotzinapa in 2014.

The group of students had traveled to the nearby town of Iguala to protest against what they have seen as discriminatory hiring practices for teachers in September 2014.

According to BBC News, they were confronted by municipal police who opened fire on the buses as they were traveling back to their college.

Six people were killed in the shooting, while some students had managed to flee to safety. However, 43 of them vanished after the clash.

The police had accused the students of having control of the buses. However, survivors claimed that they had convinced the bus drivers to take them to Ayotzinapa voluntarily.

The investigation found that the 43 were captured by corrupt municipal police officers and handed them over to members of Guerreros Unidos.

The 43 students were reportedly killed and dumped in a place called Cocula. The gang had burned their bodies and dumped their bones and ashes in a nearby stream.

Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador confirmed in January that a witness implicated soldiers in the disappearance of the 43 students.

NBC News reported that a witness named "Juan" said the soldiers detained the students and interrogated them before handing them to the Mexican drug cartel.

The witness also implicated Mexico City's police chief, Omar Garcia Harfuch, who had survived an assassination attempt last year. Harfuch has denied the allegations.

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Written by: Mary Webber

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