Brian Laundrie's parents changed the date of his believed disappearance, as the search for the Florida fugitive continues in the wake of Gabby Petito's case.

Laundrie's attorney, Steve Bertolino, said on Tuesday that Gabby Petito's fiancé disappeared on September 13, even though he previously said that Laundrie went the day after the changed date.

Bertolino did not further on other details, such as the time Laundrie left his Florida home on the day he disappeared.

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On September 17, Chris and Roberta Laundrie, the parents of Gabby Petito's fiancé, claimed that their son had been missing since Tuesday, September 14.

Bertolino argued that the change of date on Laundrie's disappearance to September 13 was based on their communication with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) "and confirmation that the mustang was in the Laundrie residence."

It can be recalled that Laundrie's silver Ford Mustang convertible was issued a police ticket on one of the entrances of Florida's Carlton Reserve when he left the area on Tuesday night, The Daily Mail reported.

Brian Laundrie Went to Florida After His Altercation With Gabby Petito

Aside from announcing the changes on the date of Laundrie's disappearance, Bertolino also disclosed earlier on Tuesday that Gabby Petito's fiancé took a round trip to Florida days after their altercation in Utah.

Bertolino noted that Laundrie flew home to Tampa, Florida, from Salt Lake City, Utah, for six days on August 17. The lawyer highlighted that Laundrie went to an "empty storage unit" before he flew back to reunite with his fiancée to continue their cross-country trip.

Bertolino pointed out that Laundrie's purpose of flying to Tampa from Salt Lake City was to get some items and close the said unit, as the couple planned to extend their trip that was supposed to end in Oregon in October.

The revelation of Laundrie flying back to Tampa, Florida, after a physical fight with Gabby Petito came a day after his sister, Cassie Laundrie, urged him to "come forward" and get their family out of the "horrible mess."

Cassie had also claimed that she had nothing to do with her brother's disappearance.

Gabby Petito's Attorney Says Brian Laundire Used YouTuber's Credit Card

As Bertolino defended why Laundrie flew back to Florida, another accusation was slammed by Petito's side against the YouTuber's fiancé.

On September 23, the FBI issued an arrest warrant for Brian Laundrie, accusing him of bank card fraud.

Gabby Petito's family attorney, Richard Stafford, claimed that Laundrie used Petito's credit card and then ran from the authorities, on Tuesday, during a televised interview.

"He [Brian Laundrie] used his credit card to get home and then ran from the police," Stafford said, adding that what Laundrie did depicts what he was thinking back then.

Meanwhile, Laundrie's side has not yet provided an official statement regarding Stafford's accusations.

Gabby Petito disappeared on a cross-country trip with Brian Laundrie to Oregon. Petito suddenly lost communication with her family in late August. The YouTuber's remains were found in a Wyoming campground on September 19.

Laundrie, who was named a person of interest in Gabby Petito's case, had been missing while the search for him continues.

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