Adele clapped back on the claims that her slimmer body was to spite her ex-husband, as she embarked on a weight loss journey following her break up with Simon Konecki.

Adele made her comments in an interview with both British and American Vogue, claiming that her slimmer body was a coincidence.

"I did it for myself and not anyone else," Adele pointed out.

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The singer-songwriter also shared in the interview that she got addicted to working out to cope with the anxiety she was having. She added that she realized that anxiety does not appear when she works out.

Adele went on to say that her workout madness "was never about losing weight," contending that her physical activity was to make her body "physically strong," hoping that one day she can also strengthen her emotion and her mind.

The singer also acknowledged why her weight loss was a shock to her fans, saying that she "visually represented a lot of women" in her previous physique.

Adele also pointed out that people were shocked because she did not share her weight loss journey with her fans.

"They're used to people documenting everything on Instagram," the "Rolling In The Deep" singer said, adding that most of the people in her position would get a deal with a diet brand. "I couldn't give a flying f-k," the singer added.

Adele on Her Ex-Husband

Aside from hitting back on the claims about her physique relating it to her ex-husband, Adele also opened up about her relationship with Simon Konecki.

Talking about her split with Konecki, the singer pointed out that nothing bad happened when they divorced.

"I wasn't miserable - miserable. But I would have been miserable had I not put myself first. But yeah, nothing bad happened or anything like that," the "Skyfall" singer said, adding that her relationship with her ex-husband back then was not right for her anymore.

The singer also revealed that the timeline of the press about her wedding era was wrong, contending that she got married when she was 30. Adele then claimed that her marriage with Konecki was not very long.

It can be recalled that Adele and Konecki broke up in 2019. Their divorce was reportedly finalized earlier this year.

Adelle "Very Happy" With New Boyfriend

The singer also shared in the interview about the state of her heart and confirmed her relationship with a sports agent, Rich Paul, whom she said came along after her father passed away.

"Yes, we're together... We're very happy," Adele pointed out.

The singer said that they did not plan on going public when they were seen together in the basketball game. The singer explained that she wanted to go to the game and she loves "being around him."

The singer also shared that she no longer feels "stressful" going out in the public with her new boyfriend. Adele also pointed out that she now feels safe with Paul.

"I don't feel anxious or frazzled. It's quite the opposite. It's wild," Adele stressed.

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