Self-made millionaire and upcoming billionaire at the age of 21, Royston G King has a lot to give to the world he learned from his journey. Like many other entrepreneurs, the young business tycoon had a lot of obstacles lying in his path. Moreover, he built an empire for himself from scratch, with zero funding or partnership from anyone. He is now an investor, partner, and advisor to several multi-million-dollar companies and running multiple public and private ventures.

What's better than learning and following from people who you want to trade shoes with, says Royston G King. He shares a lot of his secret tips to success on his YouTube channel. He believes that anyone looking for motivation and important lessons and insights before stepping into the business world will have a lot to gain from his content.  

According to him, being diligent with your studies is the key to achieving the goals you have set for yourself. Having a strong work ethic always pays off- whether it's asking for help or just pushing forward no matter what. It also doesn't hurt if this person has been involved in multiple sports because they show parallels between business and action leads to results! Lastly, read books about wisdom to be wise enough not only for yourself but also as an example of better humanity towards others.

Royston always had a game plan, and it has served him well so far. The mastermind was accepted into the top 3 management consulting firms globally. These organizations are respectively ranked as best places to work for many consecutive years.

Royston also believes that his ability to endure high stress and develop creative solutions to problems has helped him come so far. Success comes to those who are looking for it. If you aim to run multiple businesses, you should have a keen eye to learn new things and implement them into your lifestyle, and you might not be far from achieving what Royston G King was able to do at such a tender age of 21!