After an undersea pipeline leaked crude into the waters off Southern California, the ocean remained off-limits not only to swimming but also surfing, closing shops near the ocean for several days.

Surfers, Shops Near California Coastline Affected by Oil Spill

The California oil spill not only sent a foul smell across the shore but also damaged the life in the on and off the waters.

According to ABC News, despite staying clear of the ocean for several days, the oil spill did not stop the 69-year-old from returning to the waves in Huntington Beach on Sunday with his bodyboard, but patrolling lifeguards on jet skis chased him out.

Before the surfer reached across the beach, Beach passed workers in hazmat suits tasked with the clearing operations of the sticky black blobs that washed ashore after the oil spill.

"The water's perfect, clear all the way to the bottom," Beach said.

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California Oil Spill's Status

Huntington Beach and nearby coastal communities damaged by the accidental release were still reeling from the oil spill last week. California officials said that the oil spill sent out at least about 25,000 gallons to 132,000 gallons or 95,000 to 500,000 liters of oil into the ocean.

Moreover, the oil spill was caused by a leak that stretched around 5 miles or 8 kilometers offshore in a pipeline owned by Houston-based Amplify Energy that delivers crude from offshore oil platforms to the coast.

Meanwhile, a day after residents reported a petroleum smell in the area, California officials confirmed the oil spill in the area on October 2.

Despite initial reports, the cause of the spill is still under investigation and officials said that they believed that the pipeline was likely damaged by an anchor of a ship several months to a year prior to its rupture. The cause of the spill remained unknown when the slender, 13-inch or 33-centimeter crack in the pipeline started to leak oil.

On Sunday, there was no smell of oil in the area and the sand looked largely clear by the Huntington Beach pier, where workers combed the sand for tar.

However, local officials worried about the environmental impact of the spill not only on wetlands, wildlife, and the economy in the area. With the ocean off-limits in the community dubbed as Surf City USA and a few people were at the beach, shops nearby that usually cater to visitors and tourists have been hurting.

Furthermore, Huntington Beach Mayor Kim Carr stated that she hoped to reopen the ocean within weeks in the city of 200,000 people. However, officials were ensuring that the tests in the water would be ensured for the safety of the people before they would be opening it.

Also, popular surfing and swimming spots in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach were also closed. While further south, the water was open but signs were posted, which warned people about the oil spill.

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