Drone footage revealed on Monday the materials of the border wall left to waste in Texas, following the Boden administration's decision to cancel the remaining contracts in construction of the said barricade.

The said footage was captured by Fox News, showing the stacks of steel enough for over 100 miles of a border wall located in Pharr, Texas. However, only 14 miles of a border wall was constructed, as President Joe Biden halted the construction of the said barricades.

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Border Materials Left Sitting in Texas

The stacks of steel panels left sitting in Texas were reported to cost up to $100 million, which was already paid for by the taxpayers, The Daily Mail reported. Each steel panel was reported to cost about $5,000. 

The said materials for the construction of the border wall were reported to be sitting outside, unused, since January. The steels were seen rusting as they continue to bake under the sun.

Aside from the sitting materials in Pharr, the crew saw an abrupt ending of the border wall in the city of La Joya.

"Basically, its useless [border wall] ... We watch these migrants just walk around all the time.," reporter Bill Melugin noted, adding that the border wall in La Joya was not doing anything and border agents became runners as illegal immigrants were "coming through."

The drone footage of the materials left to rust in Texas came days after the Biden administration canceled the remaining contracts for border wall construction.

On Friday, the U.S. Department of Homeland and Security (DHS) announced that wall sections in Laredo and Rio Grande Valley will be stopped.

The agency underscored that they will conduct an environmental assessment of border barrier "system projects," emphasizing that the construction of the new border wall or permanent land acquisition will not be a part of such activities.

Border Wall Costing

It can be recalled that President Joe Biden vowed on his first day to stop the construction of ex-President Trump's border wall.

In July, reports highlighted that the Biden administration wasted at least $3 million per day as the construction of the border wall was halted.

According to a report from a Senate subcommittee on Government Operations and Border Management under the DHS and Governmental Affairs Committee, the said amount of money goes to the contractors who guard all the remaining materials for the construction.

However, Border Security Chief Rodney Scott confirmed that the Biden administration is now paying at least $5 million for border contracts that were put on hold. Scott added that money was paid to contractors since the border wall projects were on hold.

Since President Biden took office in January, Ranking Member James Lanford underscored in a report that the halting of the border wall construction cost American taxpayers between $1.837 billion to $2.087 billion.

However, in June, the White House Office of Management and Budget noted that building the border wall stretching on the entire southern border was not a "serious policy solution or responsible use of federal funds."

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Written By: Joshua Summers

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