Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan faced lawsuits from 2 different former household employees, alleging that the tech tycoons allowed "sexism and racial discrimination" in their workplace.

The lawsuits were filed by Mia King, a Black LGBT woman who served as the household's security operations assistant, The Daily Mail reported. The outlet furthered that a man named John Doe, a physically challenged gay man, who worked as the household operation manager, also filed for a different lawsuit against Zuckerberg and his wife.

Both lawsuits, which were filed separately on September 20, were filed by the former employees who mentioned Zuckerberg and Chan in their capacity as employers who allegedly allowed the discrimination to occur, New York Post reported.

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Ex-Employees Detail 'Sexism and Racial Discrimination' Experience

In the lawsuit filed by Mia King, she claimed that she began experiencing the abuse in 2018, right after she started working at the firm Limitless, which Zuckerberg and Chan hired for their house's security.

King said that her manager at the firm, Liam Booth, deliberately said that she was not qualified for the position, and she was only hired by the due to her race, which is Black.

King also mentioned that on other occasions, Booth would call her and other black people "ghetto," and call her hairstyle "unprofessional."

The lawsuit also mentioned a comment from Booth, saying that Meghan Markle "polluted the royal bloodline" after marrying into the current Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry.

King, who has Asian descent, also highlighted in her lawsuit that Booth blamed her for a car accident, while he pulled back her eyelids and said that "Asian women are notoriously bad drivers."

Meanwhile, John Doe mentioned in his lawsuit that Booth allegedly made constant comments about his homosexuality. Doe also alleged that Booth slapped his groin at a sushi restaurant in 2018. The said incident reportedly happened during a visit to Zuckerberg's Montana property.

According to The Daily Mail, other employees had previously witnessed Booth groping Doe's butt in Zuckerberg's property that same year, adding that Booth imitated 'lewd sex acts" in front of Doe.

Booth was reportedly a former Secret Service agent who served as ex-President Barack Obama's personal protection detail. He resigned from Zuckerberg's family in 2019.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Wife Priscilla Chan on the Lawsuits

Zuckerberg and Chan refuted the claims of their former employees, as their personal spokesperson pointed out that their company's internal investigation did not find any evidence of wrongdoing.

"Our family office follows a strict code of conduct that requires appropriate behavior from all members of our teams," the spokesperson, Ben LaBolt, underscored.

However, LaBolt also said in a statement that their HR Department and outside counsel underwent investigations into the allegations, including interviews of King and Doe's colleague.

"Following these thorough investigations, these allegations simply could not be substantiated. We firmly believe that these employees were treated fairly and respectfully," LaBolt underscored.

The lawsuit from Zuckerberg's former employees is the latest blow for the Facebook CEO.

It can be recalled that Mark Zuckerberg faced allegations about Facebook prioritizing profits over the safety of their users, as whistleblower Frances Haugen came to light.

Zuckerberg disputed the claims of Haugen, saying that her allegations "don't make any sense."

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Written By: Joshua Summers

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