Brazilian singer and Latin Grammy winner Marilia Mendonca was among those reportedly dead after a plane crashed in Brazil on Friday.

The plane crash happened as the 26-year-old singer was on her way to a concert in Minas Gerais, a city of Caratinga, The Daily Mail reported.

She is survived by his one-year-old son Léon.

The death of the singer was confirmed by the Minas Gerais state's civil police, without furthering the details on the cause of the accident, USA Today reported.

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Mendonca's representatives also posted a statement on her official Twitter account, confirming her death.

 "With immense regret, we confirm the death of singer Marilia Mendonca," the roughly translated statement said. The statement also announced that the plane Mendonca rode took of from Goiânia and is set to land on "Caratinga" where the Latin Grammy winner was set to have a presentation tonight.

"At the moment this is the information we have," the statement emphasized. Before the singer died, Mendonca posted a video reel on her Twitter that showed her eating from a food tray and her workout regimen.

4 Others Killed in Plane Crash in Brazil

Everyone on board the plane died including four others who joined Mendonca for her concert. Among the dead are Mendonca's producer identified as Henrique Ribeiro and her uncle Abicieli Silveria Dias Filho, People reported, citing sources.

Meanwhile, the Military Fire of Minas Gerais also revealed that the pilot and co-pilot of the private plane also died on Friday's tragedy. The names of the crews were not disclosed by the authorities.

The plane Mendonca and the four other victims were identified as twin-engine Beech Aircraft that took off from Goiânia to Caratinga when it crashed onto a waterfall at around 3:30 p.m. The said waterfall was located in Piedade de Caratinga in Vale do Rio Doce.

A video online showed the aftermath of the plane crash, as first responders removed the people from the plane.

According to National Civil Aviation Agency, the small plane where the Latin Grammy winner boarded was manufactured in 1984 in the United States and was in good standing.

As the plane crash occurred, the Center for Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accident is investigating Friday's tragedy.

Thoughts on the Death of Marilia Mendonca

The death of the Brazilian singer stirred reactions from other singers and Brazilian personalities.

Brazil soccer star and Mendonca's friend, Neymar, said that he "refuse to believe" the death of the singer.

Brazilian singer Anitta also expressed her surprise about Mendonca's death.

"My God. I can't believe this happened. Why this accident my God," Anitta said. The singer also added that she was devastated, and she will be "with the family" if they need anything.

Meanwhile, Brazil's Ministry of Culture also sympathized with the artist's death, saying that Mendonca left "a legacy for Brazilian regional music and Brazilian culture.

Marilia Mendonca started writing music when she was 12 years old, and she debuted in 2014. The Brazilian singer then released her first EP in 2015 and followed it with her 2016 album entitled, Mendonça: Ao Vivo.

Mendonca won her Latin Grammys for Best Sertaneja Music in 2019 for her project Todos os Cantos. She was also one of the most listened artists in Brazil in 2019 and 2020, according to Spotify.

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Written By: Joshua Summers

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