Increased road safety awareness and technological breakthroughs have brought down the number of accidents drastically. Today we are going to walk through these tech inventions which have made the roads safer for both drivers and passers-by:

Bluetooth Voice Control - This car tech has evolved into a trusted ally of drivers by reducing the degree of distractions brought about by manually handling their smartphones. While phone calls and messages should be avoided while driving, sometimes the calls or texts become unavoidable. Certain states have made phone usage illegal while driving and even attract legal prosecutions. Getting a Bluetooth voice control device can help drivers take important calls without compromising concentrating on the road ahead. Bluetooth technology is also helpful in getting road directions.

Blind Spot Detection - Drivers get a notification or visual alert whenever there is a blind spot courtesy of this cutting-edge technology. It is particularly helpful in reducing lane-change accidents by banking on radar sensors. You can also opt. for blind-spot monitors which use cameras to detect approaching traffic. The cameras and radar sensors are located under the side mirrors or rear bumpers of the vehicle. Most modern vehicles come with this technology. Alternatively, you can get it installed by a professional.

Adaptive Headlights - While the adaptive headlights resemble the normal ones, they turn on turning the steering wheel. These linked headlights guarantee optimal illumination while driving through dark roads which are prone to accidents. In such cases, these headlights prevent hitting obstacles that might be unseen with your eyes.

Safe Driver Assistant - Modern vehicles come with this advanced electronic system whose human and machine interface can hike up the level of road safety. Drivers can activate it while parking a vehicle to ensure that they don't hit any other automobile or the gutter.

Traction Control System - Chances of car accidents increase while traversing through slippery roads. A traction control system can prevent excessive spinning of the wheel while the car is being accelerated. Such advanced tech helps in avoiding the instability of the vehicle wheels during the ride.

Forward Collision System - An accident causes a strong hitting impact and this can be prevented by the forward collision technology. This system measures the distance between your vehicle and the one ahead of you to avoid rear-end accidents. An alert or notification pops up if you drive too close.

Electronic Stability Control - Vehicles can often slide out of the driver's control while traveling in risky weather conditions. The electronic stability control technology can prevent the chances of skidding to a great extent. Drivers can turn off this system when not in use.

Lane Departure Warning System - Lane markings are monitored by this safety feature that banks on a camera for its operations. It sends an alert to the driver on detecting that the vehicle is drifting from its desired lane.

Driver Monitoring System - One of the biggest reasons behind fatal accidents is sleepiness and fatigue on the part of drivers. An Israeli company has devised a new technology termed as DriverSense that sends an alert to the driver after analyzing their facial features if they require rest or need to be more attentive.


Car accidents make it imperative for new technology which can automate the entire process and reduce all chances of mistakes. Most modern car manufacturers are splurging on R&D to deliver vehicles with state-of-art safety features. Irrespective of the numerous tech inventions listed above, car accidents might happen in the worst cases leading to devastating injuries. In such events, you can contact Orlando car accident attorney Walter Benenati who can help with the proceedings.