U.S. President Joe Biden is now being criticized after he claimed that GM (General Motors) CEO Mary Barra is the one that changed the rising EV industry.

US President Joe Biden's Compliment for GM CEO Now Criticized | Critics Disagree that Barra Changed EV Industry
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Democratic presidential candidate former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden pauses as he speaks during the AARP and The Des Moines Register Iowa Presidential Candidate Forum at Drake University on July 15, 2019 in Des Moines, Iowa. Twenty Democratic presidential candidates are participating in the forums that will feature four candidate per forum, to be held in cities across Iowa over five days.

"Mary, I can remember talking to you way back in January about the need for America to lead in electric vehicles. And I can remember your dramatic announcement that by 2035, GM would be 100% electric," said POTUS via Electrek's latest report.

He added that Barra did the most when it came to electrifying the vehicle market. Biden further complimented the CEO, saying that he is serious that General Motors drastically reduced hundreds of millions of oil barrels, enhancing the current status of the planet's climate.

U.S. President's Compliment for GM is Inappropriate?

Various critics said that the statement of the American leader is quite inappropriate, providing proof that GM did not do that much when it comes to changing the auto industry.

US President Joe Biden's Compliment for GM CEO Now Criticized | Critics Disagree that Barra Changed EV Industry

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BERLIN - NOVEMBER 26: The logo of U.S. carmaker General Motors, or GM, is visible on the front grille of a GM Hydrogen 4 fuel cell-powered car at a presentation by Opel and GM on November 26, 2008 in Berlin, Germany. Opel, which is ownded by GM, has asked the German government for help in overcoming its difficulties resulting from the current financial crisis and the serious difficulties of GM.

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They added that Biden also did the same thing with Ford's CEO Jim Carley, saying that the guy, the automaker's head for around a year, also massively changed the electric vehicle industry.

Meanwhile, experts said that GM is still having a hard time enhancing its own all-electric vehicle models. They added that the only EV released was the Chevy Bolt during Barra's term, which was launched back in 2012. 

However, the giant carmaker seems to have insufficient units of Chevy Bolt EVs, which was revealed in a Twitter post of Seth Weintraub, a reliable tech journalist from 9To5Google, 9To5Mac, Electrek, and other giant news sources.

"I don't even think there is a hybrid here. No Silverado, no Bolt/EUV, nothing. Only chargers are iPhone chargers," said the report via his latest tweet.

Biden's Infrastructure Bill Includes EV Enhancement

CNBC reported that the latest infrastructure bill approved by the American leader plans to provide funds for broadband utilities and the transportation industry. 

Around $1 trillion budget is to be released over a five-year period. Meanwhile, around $550 billion funds are planned to be released specifically for the EV industry and transportation sector. 

Recently, he announced that the bill would allow the use of adaptive headlights in the United States.  

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