Meghan Markle's father, Thomas Markle, has called for the Duchess of Sussex title to be removed as her royal title. Thomas said that Meghan has insulted the royal family with her Ellen show interview.

Thomas also said that he was embarrassed after watching his daughter in Megan Markle's first major TV interview after her Oprah tell-all with Prince Harry, Daily Mail reported.

Thomas also called his daughter's appearance a "stupid stunt," claiming that Markle had insulted the Queen, the royal family, and the British people.

The 77-year-old Markle said that the former actress had put herself out there as a duchess, adding that he has never seen a duchess behave that way before, "doing stupid stunts," according to a Yahoo Entertainment News report. Thomas said that Markle had made a complete "fool of herself," adding that she should lose her Duchess of Sussex title.

Thomas said that he loves his daughter but that her performance was "ridiculous."

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Meghan Markle in Ellen Show

Markle appeared on the daytime talk show talking about her former acting career, as well as the children she shares with Prince Harry. Markle then decided to interact with vendors, doing instructions from host Ellen DeGeneres told her, according to an Independent report

The dares included squatting, eating a chip like a chipmunk, and singing a song about kittens. Markle was also instructed to drink milk out of a baby bottle. She did so while saying that "mommy needs some milk."

Many social media users lauded the duchess for participating in the challenge. One person tweeted that the Duchess of Sussex is a good sport. The same user said that they would never do those stunts that Markle did.

Another viewer said that Markle was a great sport, further noting that the duchess is an "amazing human being."

Markle also talked about being a struggling actress in her 20s during her interview in the show. She also mentioned doing auditions at a Los Angeles studio.

Thomas said he was disappointed that Markle did not mention him after connecting his daughter to a director on the General Hospital TV show. 

The show got her a couple of lines on one of the shows, according to the Mirror reportThomas said that the lines on the shows got Markle a union card, which he paid for too.

Markle had also handed out copies of her children's book to audience members, entitled The Bench.

Thomas said he has read the book and said it was not a book for children, adding that no child would read or understand that book.

The duchess' father went on to say that the book is for her husband and that the only thing interesting for a kid in that book is the picture of the dog on the cover.

Thomas had given several interviews criticizing his daughter and their relationship. He also did not attend Markle's wedding to Prince Harry in 2018.

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Written by: Mary Webber

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