Turpin children have been revealed to still suffer from abuse and neglect after years of their escape from "House of Horrors."

Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin spoke about how the system handled the Turpin children's case, saying that the public deserves to know what the government did and failed to do, according to The U.S. Sun News report.

Hestrin dubbed the Turpin children's case as the very "worst case of child abuse" that he has ever seen. He added that it may be one of the worst in California history.

Seven of the youngest of the siblings were placed in foster homes. Meanwhile, the adult siblings were given public guardian for their health care, housing, and education.

One of the foster homes reportedly abused the children, while in another home, a foster parent told one of the Turpin children that "she understands why her parents chained her up."

In addition, the older siblings said that they were denied basic care and were sent to violent neighborhoods to live without life-skill training.

Hestrin said that the children have been victimized again by the system, according to an ABC News report.

The lawyer said that the children are living in squalor, adding that there's money for their education. However, they cannot access it.

Around $600,000 worth of private donations were also kept from the siblings. County officials cited court-ordered secrecy.

The officials have also refused to provide news outlet ABC News with any information regarding the trusts, such as how much money has been distributed to the Turpin children. The county officials also refused to justify some requests for financial assistance made on behalf of the children.

One advocate said that two of the older children have at times had to resort to "couch-surfing."

Jordan Turpin said that she does not have a way to get food right now. The 33-year-old sister, Jennifer, said that where she lives right now is not the best area.

Joshua Turpin, 29, said he struggled to access funds for needs as simple as day-to-day transportation. He noted that he called the public guardian's office and refused to let him request for a bike, adding that his attorney, Jack Osborn, refused to let him know who was in charge of his trust.

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Turpin Children Case

David and Louise Turpin were arrested in January 2018 after their 17-year-old daughter escaped their home in Perris, California.

The daughter called 911 and told the dispatcher that her parents are abusive, adding that her two little sisters are chained up to their bed, according to another ABC News report.

The teen noted that they were chained up for one or two months and would only be freed to brush their teeth or use the bathroom. The siblings would also not eat breakfast and would only have peanut butter and chips, among others, for lunch and dinner

Prosecutors said that all the children except the youngest, a toddler, were severely malnourished. The eldest victim only weighed 82 pounds.

The Turpin parents were sentenced to 25 years to life.

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