The forensic anthropologist's autopsy report of Brian Laundrie showed that the fugitive died of suicide, according to the Laundrie family attorney, Steven Bertolino.

Bertolino noted that Laundrie took his own life with a gunshot wound to the head, according to a Fox News report.

The Laundrie family attorney said that the dead fugitive's parents are still mourning the loss of their son, hoping that the autopsy report brings closure to both families.

Laundrie's remains were found in a Florida nature preserve last month, particularly in the swampy Myakkahatchee Creek environmental park. Authorities said that the remains they found were skeletal.

The initial coroner's report on Laundrie was released and was determined inconclusive, according to The Guardian report.

Laundrie was traveling with his girlfriend Gabby Petito in a van. He became the person of interest after he returned alone to his parents' home in Florida in early September.

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Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito Case

Laundrie's parents and the Federal Bureau of Investigations agents found his skeletal remains, which included a part of a human skull.

His remains were also found with some personal belongings such as a backpack and notebook. The area of the park was previously submerged in water, according to an Independent reportThe remains were identified by the FBI and were confirmed through the help of dental records.

Meanwhile, authorities are trying to piece together the personal notebook that was found from a dry bag near his body as part of their investigation into the death of Petito.

Laundrie's digital communication, such as his texts, emails, and use of social media will also be looked at.

Petito's parents reported her missing on September 11, three days before Laundrie's family also called on authorities, saying that they last saw him leave the house in North Port with a backpack.

Laundrie was never charged in connection with Petito's death. However, a federal arrest warrant was issued by a court in Wyoming on September 24 after Laundrie was indicted by a grand jury for the unauthorized use of a debit card, which Petito's family say was hers.

Petito was found dead in a Wyoming nature preserve on September 21. The Teton County Coroner's Office announced that she died of manual strangulation.

Authorities' Involvement

Police in Moab City, Utah, released bodycam footage recorded on August 12, wherein the video showed officers speaking with Petito and Laundrie after receiving a domestic violence call.

Moab Police became under scrutiny after it was found that the police department had collected fees from multiple media outlets to release the footage.

The Moab police department returned around $3,000 in fees, which is an amount about three times what the department had expected to collect this fiscal year in records fee revenue, according to The Salt Lake Tribune report.

The department was found to have charged $98 to 30 entities, mostly news organizations that requested the footage.

Moab police expected to receive $1,000 in records fees in the fiscal year 2021.

Meanwhile, North Port police admitted that they had mistaken Laundrie for his mom, Roberta, citing that it was the reason why they say he was able to disappear without detection, according to a Fox 13 News report.

North Port police spokesman, Josh Taylor, said that Laundrie and his mother were "kind of built similarly."

Bertolino said in a statement that the police cannot blame the family because the "police didn't know enough" to follow someone they were watching.

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