At least 600 employees signed a manifesto against the COVID vaccine in the company, challenging the company's officials as it nears the deadlines for return to office in person.

Google has more than 100 employees, which subjects them to U.S. President Joe Biden's COVID vaccine mandate, according to The Daily Wire report.

Biden's vaccine mandate is currently being challenged by a number of states and companies.

The company's documents showed that Google asked its employees to submit their vaccination status to its systems by December 3.

Google also wanted to plot whether employees would be coming back to the offices.

Chris Rackow, Google's vice president of security, said that the company was already requiring employees to get vaccinated despite the vaccine mandate from the Biden administration.

The deadline for Google employees to request vaccine exemptions was November 12.

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Google Vaccine Mandate

Rackow noted that vaccines play a main role for them to enable a safe return to the office for everyone. He also cited that it minimizes the spread of the virus in their respective communities.

The manifesto signed by at least 600 Google employees calls company leaders to pull out the vaccine mandate and create a new one that would be inclusive for all in the company, according to an CNBC report.

The employees also argued that the company's leadership will have a huge influence in corporate America.

A spokesperson for Google said that the company firmly stands behind its vaccination policy despite the manifesto.

Starting January 10 next year, most Google employees are eyed to return to its physical offices three days a week.

Meanwhile, employees who signed the manifesto called on other workers to reject the vaccine mandate as well, citing it to be a matter of principle.

The manifesto states that the policy should not affect any worker's decision whether or not they want to get vaccinated. The manifesto also says that "Sundar's Vaccine Mandate" is deeply flawed, referring to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, according to a New York Post report.

The manifesto added that it does not believe the company should be "privy to the health" as well as the medical history of Googlers and that the vaccination status is no exception.

Pichai announced in July that the company would require vaccinations for those returning to offices.

The Google CEO offered a return-to-office update, with San Francisco offices being up to 30 percent filled, while the company's offices in New York were nearly at half capacity.

Biden's Vaccine Mandate

Meanwhile, the Biden administration asked a federal appeals court on Tuesday to life the court order impeding the vaccine and testing mandates for private businesses, according to another CNBC report.

The president's administration wants the court to permit the masking and testing requirements for those unvaccinated, serving as a prevention measure in the meantime.

The Department of Health and Human Services data noted that around 50,000 Americans are currently hospitalized with COVID, which is an increase of up to six percent over the past week.

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