Five people died, and more than 25 were injured in fatal multi-vehicle crashes that happened in Mexico over the weekend. These tragic incidents occurred in Coahuila and Mexico City.

5 Dead, 15 Injured Over Multiple Crashes in Coahuila, Mexico

Two road accidents in Coahuila, Mexico killed at least five people and injured 15 others. According to Mexico News Daily, a multiple-vehicle crash occurred in the northbound section of Highway 57 near the city of Saltillo in Coahuila on Sunday afternoon after a semi-trailer's brakes failed.

Before the crash, the reports said several cars were lined up outside the Los Chorros tunnel when the semi-trailer came barreling down on the vehicles. The cars were reportedly waiting for another accident to be cleared.

Four people reportedly died at the scene, while a 51-year-old man died in a hospital. An SUV was also allegedly pushed off the road's edge, falling more than 10 meters into the ravine below.

Infobae reported that there were reports that there were minors among the injured who were transferred to nearby hospitals. However, authorities have yet to provide any information since they were still identifying the victims.

Local media reported that agents of the State Attorney General's Office and members of the National Guard came to the site to guard the area and initiate the investigations and removal of the bodies.

A drunken man also caused another accident in the downtown area of ​​Saltillo on Sunday morning. Hector Daniel "N," 39, driving a Nissan Tsuru, crashed into a Ford car after allegedly ignoring a red traffic light.

Daniel refused to be brought to a nearby hospital for medical evaluation despite being injured. The other driver reportedly sustained minor injuries.

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Drunk Driver's Vehicle Crashes Into Group of Cyclists in Mexico City

In Mexico City, another drunk driver caused a tragic incident on Sunday when his vehicle plowed into a group of bike riders.

The Daily Mail reported that the cyclists were traveling on a road when they were rear-ended by Rene Cruz in the borough of Coyoacan.

In surveillance footage, the vehicle of the 37-year-old man can be seen abruptly switching from the middle to the right lane as he lost control of his car and crashed into the group of cyclists.

Milenio reported that four people remained hospitalized for head trauma as of Monday. Six cyclists were reported to have suffered fractures.

Two cyclists, who suffered minor bruises, have both been released from the hospital. Local reports said witnesses assaulted the drunk driver and held him until the police arrived.

Alejandro Martinez, who was in the passenger seat of Cruz's car, was also arrested after he interfered with the drunk driver's arrest.

The group of bikers reportedly belong to a running and cycling club in Xochimilco. They were in the middle of a 19 mile-ride from Xochimilco to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City when the drunk driver hit them.

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Written by: Joshua Summers

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