A couple in Puerto Rico now faces trial after they refused to follow COVID protocols and fill out a traveler's declaration form.

The two locked themselves in a minivan for several hours to avoid being detained, according to an NBC News report.

The Puerto Ricans were identified as Zulma Figueroa, 53, and Luis Angel Colon, 44. They arrived in Puerto Rico on a flight from Florida on January 2 with two of their children.

Figueroa and Colon reportedly refused to fill out a COVID entry form at the airport and show proof of a negative test for the virus as required by an executive order from Gov. Pedro Pierluisi.

Authorities in Puerto Rico found out about the incident when the 53-year-old Puerto Rican posted a video on social media.

Figueroa said in Spanish that travelers can arrive in Puerto Rico without getting tested in a domestic flight, and people do not need to give anyone any information.

On Tuesday, the two were accused of obstruction a public official, while facing a penalty of up to six months in prison, according to a Star Tribune News report.

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Puerto Rico Couple Violation of COVID Protocols

Figueroa and Colon are accused of violating Article 246 of the Criminal Code when they refused to complete the traveler's declaration required by an executive order by Pierluisi, according to an El Nuevo Dia news report.

An attempt to execute the arrest warrant became a tense situation as the couple locked themselves in a minivan with three minors in a parked vehicle near their residence.

Police and Health Department officials were processing Figueroa's arrest and her husband when she used social networks once again to publish a video in which she maintained that her arrest and her husband were illegal.

They also accused the police of performing a show.

Anti-vaccine activists also went to the area where the arrest was being attempted. Many of the people who flocked the area were not wearing any masks.

Journalists covering the situation were also harassed and assaulted.

Four photojournalists, three reporters, and a news producer were assaulted during the coverage of the Puerto Rican couple's arrest.

The Association of Journalists of Puerto Rico, the Association of Photojournalists of Puerto Rico, and the Overseas Press Club released a joint statement regarding the matter, rejecting the incident, describing it as an attack on press freedom.

Puerto Rico COVID Protocols

Puerto Rico has ramped up its COVID protocols amid the spread of the Omicron variant.

All indoor and outdoor events will be limited to a maximum capacity of 250 people, and alcohol sales will not be allowed between midnight and 5 a.m. until January 18, according to Travel Pulse report.

Puerto Rico visitors arriving on domestic flights are required to present proof of a negative antigen or a negative COVID test result from an authorized health provider, which should be taken within 48 hours of arrival.

Unvaccinated travelers, even those with a negative test result, should quarantine for seven days after their arrival.

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Written by: Mary Webber

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