A judge in Michigan has come under criticism after she publicly shamed an elderly cancer patient for not properly maintaining his lawn despite medical treatments leaving him weak.

Michigan Judge Alexis G. Krot said on Wednesday told 72-year-old Burhan Chowdhury that he should be "ashamed" about the situation of his yard, according to a Law and Crime news report.

Chowdhury received a ticked in August 2021 for a civil infraction after he failed to keep the lawn and alley surrounding his property free of weeds.

The proceeding over the matter was held via Zoom video conference.

Chowdhury was asked how he wanted to plead, and the elderly answered that he was "very old" and a cancer patient," which made him unable to take care of the vegetation in the area.

Chowdhury can be heard struggling to breathe throughout the exchange and was pausing to take deep breaths.

However, Krot had no sympathy for the health condition of the elderly man and said that she would give him jail time over the matter if she could.

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Elderly Man's Lawn Case

Krot also went on to say and pointed at the photo on the screen, saying that it was "shameful" and that neighbors should not have to look at that condition, according to 850 WFTL News Talk report.

Chowdhury's son, Shibbir Chowdhury, appeared on the video.

He cleared up the matter and noted that the yard has since been cleaned up.

The younger Chowdhury then said that he would take care of the $100 fine the judge had imposed on the household.

Chowdhury was diagnosed with cancer in the lymph nodes in 2019, according to his son. Chowdhury does not speak much English, according to a Click on Detroit News report.

Shibbir said that since his father's cancer diagnosis, he and his mother have been trying to tidy up the lawn.

He added that he usually takes care of the stuff in the backyard and everything. However, he said that at the time, he was out of the country.

Shibbir said that they did violate the city ordinance, admitting that there were really mistakes and he should have taken care of that.

He noted that he was shocked at what happened, citing the judge's way of saying that his father should serve jail time was what bothered him, according to a Lad Bible report.

Shibbir said that they were really shocked by it and did not expect the judge to yell at them in this kind of situation.

Chowdhury's wife had also faced health problems of her own after falling down the stairs and hurting her back.

Shibbir also commented on the online support that his family has received after the footage was shared publicly, noting that people understand that situations like theirs could really happen.

Meanwhile, the Michigan judge has been unable to comment on the matter.

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Written by: Mary Webber

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