The effects of Daniel Bryan's neck injury and absence will play a crucial role for the fifth annual WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view event this Sunday.

For the second consecutive pay-per-view event, Bryan will not be performing in the ring, but the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be in the hands of a new owner. Live from the TD Garden in Boston, Money in the Bank -- taking place at 8 p.m. EST -- will host two ladder matches and three championship titles are on the line.

Kickoff Show: Daniel Bryan Interview

WWE has confirmed Bryan will speak to the WWE Universe for the first time since he was stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship during Sunday's kickoff show on the WWE Network. The WWE Universe will also have the chance to submit questions to Bryan by tweeting with the hashtag #WWEKICKOFF. Since the WWE is asking fans to tweet their questions, Bryan's interview could be live but likely via satellite from his Washington home. 


The WWE is smart to use Bryan at any capacity, even if he's just speaking to the WWE Universe, potentially 3,000 miles away. Bryan's presence, alone, will have him in the minds of fans. He also could use this opportunity to remind the WWE Universe and The Authority that he didn't lose the title by pinfall or submission. He is the uncrowned champion who had his title taken away, and he may issue a challenge to the winner of the Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match.

Goldust and Stardust vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel (Rybaxel)

It has been a back-and-forth rivalry between Rybaxel and the Rhodes brothers. For Cody Rhodes and Goldust, the duo was on a losing streak. With Rhodes blaming himself, he tried to find the perfect tag-team partner for Goldust but to no success. It was until June 16 on Raw when Rhodes found the partner: Stardust, which is simply Rhodes in a similar jumpsuit as Goldust. Goldust and Stardust have already defeated Rybaxel on Raw, but it seems another match will happen.


With the reinvention of Rhodes as Stardust, it's too early for the Rhodes brothers to suddenly lose momentum after two weeks. While it seemed as if Goldust and Rhodes were going their separate ways or feud together, the introduction of Stardust has captured the attention of many fans, notably on social media. With their renewed energy, Goldust and Stardust will win over Rybaxel.

Layla vs. Summer Rae (Special Guest Referee: Fandango)

After weeks of excessive catfights, former Divas Champion Layla and "The Marine 4: Moving Target" star Summer Rae will settle their feud with a one-on-one match. A stipulation has been added with Fandango serving as a special guest referee. Fandango's role could play a factor as he could help his dance partner Layla to an easy win or play by the rules and provide Summer Rae an equal opportunity to win.


While Summer Rae has made herself a prominent figure since her return, it wouldn't be surprising if she dumps Fandango, win or lose, if he chooses to go for the blonde. Summer Rae is predicted to win for a number of reasons, including her roles on E!'s "Total Divas" and the upcoming "Marine" film, the WWE may be planning on increasing her screen time.

Divas Championship: Paige (champion) vs. Naomi (with Cameron)

A rare treat, the WWE Universe will see two Divas matches during a pay-per-view. Paige defends her Divas Championship against one of the Funkadactyls: Naomi. Since January, Naomi has been on the prowl for a Divas Championship match even when AJ Lee held the title. Naomi's opportunity was shattered following Aksana's knee to the eye. Now fully recovered, Naomi has been given the spotlight once again. It will be a face vs. face match-up that has potential to capture the WWE Universe's attention with Naomi's athleticism and Paige's second-generation experience.


Fellow Funkadactyl Cameron could play a crucial role in determining a potential Naomi win. Cameron has shown heel tendencies since the Payback pay-per-view event, and she could cost Paige or Naomi a victory. Ultimately, the odds are Cameron will cost Naomi the win, and Paige will keep her championship.

WWE Tag Team Championship: The Usos (champions) vs. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper

Money in the Bank has potential to crown The Wyatt Family in gold, or copper in regards to the WWE Tag Team Championship. Harper and Rowan have the opportunity to win their first WWE tag team titles while in the main roster since the duo have previously won the NXT Tag Team Championship. Jimmy and Jey Uso have defended the tag titles with pride, and Sunday's bout will surely showcase the Samoans high-flying abilities and speed to help counter The Wyatt Family's strength.


If given the right time limit, the tag team match can deliver. The Usos, however, will narrowly escape with a win. Harper and Rowan deserve the tag titles, but Money in the Bank won't be the show.

Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match (Bad News Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Seth Rollins)

The participants of the Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match have potential to steal the show. Each WWE superstar in the match brings a different element and style, such as Swagger's submission, Kingston and RVD's high flying, Ziggler's selling and Barrett's strength. The story here, however, is between Ambrose and Rollins. The former members of the Shield have attacked each other at numerous points, and their rivalry will undoubtedly continue after Sunday.


Three WWE superstars are likely to win this match: Ambrose, Barrett and Rollins. With a sudden shoulder injury, Barrett's role in the match could be in jeopardy. If he's able to perform on Sunday, Barrett will win. Ambrose and Rollins will be too occupied fighting each other that they'll lose focus of the briefcase. If Barrett is removed from the match, the winner will be Ambrose. Rollins doesn't need the briefcase with Triple H on his side, but Ambrose could use it to his advantage while still feuding with his former Shield teammate throughout the summer.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match (Alberto Del Rio vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Cesaro vs. John Cena vs. Kane vs. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus)

It is the first time the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be contested in a Ladder Match at Money in the Bank, and the match has potential to make history.

Reigns has played the underdog heading into Sunday. The Authority excluded him from participating in a battle royal to determine one of the match's participants until he persuaded by the recently fired Vickie Guerrero. Reigns has the power and looks to carry the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Cesaro has risen up the ranks since his win at WrestleMania 30's Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and was shy from winning the Intercontinental Championship. And with the Paul Heyman on his side, Cesaro's presence is visible. Del Rio has been in the middle-card purgatory for a few months, but his role in the match adds nothing when Ziggler should've given his spot instead.

Sheamus is in a tricky situation. He has the United States Championship, and he could help revive the significance to it rather than climb up for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Kane and Orton were handed their spots in the match, but of the two, Orton has the potential to win. Cena is Cena. Off the heels of his Bray Wyatt feud, Cena is again in the title hunt, and it could be his this Sunday night.


Four men have the potential to leave Boston as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Cena, Orton, Reigns and Wyatt.A win for Reigns and Wyatt could help cater a new era for the WWE instead of rewarding the old guards: Cena and Orton. The winner of this match, however, could simply be a placeholder until Bryan's return.

If the WWE is looking for a placeholder, then either Cena or Orton are your winners. A win for Reigns may be too soon for his career, and Wyatt already has the world in his hands without a championship title, but with the WWE, one never knows. The final prediction is a victorious Orton. Reminder, even though Money in the Bank is in Cena's territory of Boston, home-field advantage does not exist within the WWE Universe.

How to Watch on Television

Contact your cable or satellite provider for information on how to order the WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view with the broadcast set to begin at 8 p.m. EST.

How to Watch Live Online
Live-coverage stream of Money in the Bank begins at 7:30 p.m. EST with the Kick-Off show, and it can be seen on WWE Network.

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