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World Cup 2014: Team USA Goalie Tim Howard Goes Viral With Meme "Save" Frenzy on Twitter

First Posted: Jul 03, 2014 02:33 PM EDT
"Things Tim Howard Could Save" Has Team USA Goalie Going Viral During 2014 FIFA World Cup

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Unfortunately for the United States, the team's 2014 FIFA World Cup bid fell short thanks to a 2-1 loss to Belgium Tuesday in the Round of 16, but you couldn't tell by the royal treatment Team USA goalkeeper Tim Howard is receiving online.

The Tuesday game went to extra time where all three goals were scored. Yet, even though Team USA lost, Howard played the best game of his career, making 16 saves. Those 16 saves are the most for any World Cup goalie in the last 50 years.

Ever since the performance, the hashtage #thingstimhowardcouldsave has been trending with hilarious pictures for viewers. Photos of real life or movie events photoshoped with Howard saving the day have been flooding Twitter and the internet in general. Some examples include Howard saving the dinosaurs from extinction and even jumping in front of Kanye West during his infamous MTV Video Music Awards tirade in 2009 when Taylor Swift came onstage to accept an award that some felt should have gone to Beyonce.

Here are some of the most popular memes from the Twitter world:


One of the most popular tweets has been of Howard saving the Titanic ship from sinking into the Atlantic Ocean. It's a funny, clean, and creative meme.


From the 1975 Steven Spielberg classic, "Jaws," here we have Howard on the poster of the movie saving a swimmer from the great white shark. Just like the "Titanic" meme, it's creative, and it comes from a movie.

Humpty Dumpty

As you see from the Twitter handle, this comes from his biggest fan yet. This person has decided to make an entire Twitter profile dedicated to pictures and memes for Tim Howard's saves. We all remember the Humpty Dumpty story when we were young, but Howard is shown here making a save.  

Independence Day

It's only fair to include a meme from the movie Independence Day, with the Fourth of July this Friday. If only Howard was there with Will Smith, he could have saved the White House from being destroyed.

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